Monday, January 10, 2011

The Zoo

Josh's mom gave us Zoo passes for Christmas [and the peasants rejoiced] so we used them while Josh was still on break.

Were you wondering how many people go to the zoo the week after New Year's when it's 21 degrees outside?

Not many.

But we do.

Possibly because we're on drugs.

I spent a lot of time saying "Look Bubbah! This is where the ________ would be if they weren't smart enough to go where it's warm. But right now it's just a desert wasteland because we live in Utah."

Then, suddenly, there was an elephant!

And then I got to say "Look Bubbah, this is a big fake elephant, let's sit on it!"

Josh spent most of the time saying "Touch it, it's poisonous!" (The zoo is gonna love us....)

The demon-monkey scared Tommy to death when it ran straight for the glass with it's arms waving around above his head screeching like a maniac. But this monkey was nice and just did tricks.

So did the mamma (be nice and do tricks).

It was a blast, and even though the big animals were hiding, the lizards, snakes, monkeys, and "tropical jungle creatures" were rad. 
Egberts at the Zoo
Want my advice? Go to the zoo when you don't feel like you have to see the whole thing. We skipped the giraffes and hippos and giant ape-monkeys, (and who knows what else) but that was fine because we'll be back soon and we don't have to see them all in one day.

Anyone wanna join us for our next outing?


  1. That's awesome! Erek's dad and stepmom give us zoo passes every year for Christmas and our boys love it (and we love that we can go whenever and not have to worry about seeing everything in one day). We should all go together sometime, when it's a little warmer. :)

  2. I think that first picture of Tommy just might be my favorite picture ever. True story.

    We definitely want to go with you next time!


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