Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

We stayed up all night long playing games.

No really.




My sister and her family came over, to keep us entertained.

Also Josh invited the missionaries over for dinner on his way home from work. We had about 45 minutes' notice, but they hung out for quite a while, and made some serious progress on the puzzle, which is great news.

Logan kept busy jumping back and forth.

The older boys were thoroughly entertained with the Wii.

And the old boring ones played words games because we're cool like that.
After our husbands went to bed, Sarah and I stayed up talking until 4am.

That's not me next to Sarah, that's her husband Clint.

When Tommy woke up the next morning, everybody was asleep on the living room floor so we hid in our room trying to be quiet and not wake everyone else.

It was probably the best New Year's Eve we've had in a looong time. I'm so glad the Hunters braved the storm to play with us!

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