Monday, January 3, 2011

Josh plays Joseph Smith

Yesterday was time machine day in Primary (the children's class at church). Our Relief Society Presidency built a time machine around the door that goes from the Primary Room to the outside parking lot, and they periodically ask people from the ward to come and "be" scriptural characters.  They come through the "time machine" and talk to the kids about what they did. 

They've had Noah, and Moses, and Nephi, and all the greats. 

This week they needed Joseph Smith, and Josh got the call. 

So we borrowed my brother-in-law's Amish hat, and put on a vest and wha la. 


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It was a bit of a crazy day, because although Josh's "part" was only 10 minutes long, it overlapped with the time that I was supposed to be teaching Relief Society. So really, neither of us could take Tommy. We would've just had a friend watch him for a few minutes, except that he's a human puke factory and we didn't even dare take him in that building with so many brand new little ones floating around. 

So instead we kidnapped Cami and she came to our house on Saturday night, slept over, entertained us and watched Tommy while we both went to (some of) church. 

Whew! What a day.


  1. He did a great job! Very authentic :)

  2. I am sorry to hear that Tommy is still sick. i am also sorry that I missed most of your lesson because of my own kids.

  3. I totally remember the time machine thing in Primary. Ahh...good times. I'm glad you guys survived the crazy day, I hope that Tommy is all back to normal now!

  4. He makes a good Joseph Smith. :D Good job.


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