Sunday, January 23, 2011

a prize!

Remember the last time I got an award? Tommy didn't want to miss all the excitement so he decided to grace us with his presence. So forgive me for being a little shy about accepting this one....but if this award results in a trip to the hospital, it won't be pretty.

But lookit! Diane gave me this:

Do you know Diane? Diane  reads excellent literature and understands and explains the gospel in a way that only experts do. Plus she just gave birth to her 8th beautiful child. She's a great person and I'm flattered that she picked me. 

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered new bloggers,
Contact them and let them know they've received the award

1. Thanks Diane!

2. I am a wife and mother (and I love both jobs). I am a list-maker. I am a game-player (as in board games and card games). I am NOT a runner, but I do like to "run". I am usually sleepy. I am trying to be a better kinder person. I am a member of the LDS Church.

3. I'm choosing to define "recent" as "during the past 2 years". 
Lindsey Sometimes it freaks me out how much my life is like other people's. She's "other people".
Nancy One of my favorite blog-friends. Someday I'm gonna meet her and it will be a beautiful thing.
Mal You remember Mal.
Noelle She really is nice. Not just faking it. 
Aubrie Party planner extraordinaire. This woman has some mad skills in the kitchen and also happens to enjoy people's company. (Weird huh?) If you be good enough friends with her for long enough, you might be invited to a theme party.
Jess She's one of the bravest people I know. Zumba anyone?
Shalee She's a writer. A real one. That means her blog is fun to read because it's well written.
Jess She's friends with everyone. Our high school class doesn't need to have a reunion because she has links to all of us on her blog. Coolest chick in the west. 
Stick Stick and I go WAY back - and miraculously she doesn't hate my guts. Plus she takes some incredible photos of her own family. If I could hire someone to follow me around catching memories it would be her. She's gifted.
Jill She served in Josh's same mission and married Josh's favorite companion of all time. She and Erb have a beautiful new baby girl and are some of my new favorite friends.
Carrie Her girls are some of the most beautiful I've ever known.
Ashlie Her kid says the funniest things I've ever heard. And she always shares the laughs. Plus she has a style.  I can see something someone else is wearing and say "That looks like Ashlie!"
Stephanie She always reminds me that being married is fun. She's kind and loving and genuine and I really like that about her.
Emily is the kind of woman I wish I was. All the way around. She's polite but not fake. She's beautiful and intelligent and driven and loving and attentive and appropriate ALL the time.
Aundrea You might know her cuz she says stuff here. :) Sometimes you meet people in your life and you know that you were meant to be sisters, but you accidentally landed in different families. So you're glad that your lives bring you together anyway.


  1. Aw, thanks for the award, friend! I need to do a post on it...but I can't post right now because my Dashboard is broken...grr. And here I was going to be so much better about blogging more often in the new year! Well, when I get it up and running, I'll post a proper thanks!

  2. Thanks Amy! I was quite surprised that I remind you being married is fun...Matt & I discussed it, and we're pretty boring people. Glad to help you in any way I can though :)

  3. Thanks, Amy! I remember the last time you got a award and you were so excited you peed your pants. I mean...your water broke. :)

    That was funny. And I was so jealous.

    I sat there hugely pregnant, reading your blog post and sniffling to myself. And then I said to Andrew, "IT'S NOT FAIR! AMY IS HAVING HER BABY RIGHT NOW!"

    I'm over it now that we both have super cute babies. (So we're still friends).

    I'll see if I can think of 15 people...

  4. Awwww, you are too sweet. You know I adore you, your kiddo AND your blog. So take that.


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