Sunday, January 20, 2013

To Do: Pages

I like lists.

My to do list is eternal. And I often put things on there that normal people wouldn't. 

9 months ago (March 6th to be exact) my friend e-mailed me and requested an "All About John" page on the blog. It was embarrassing then because he was already 6 months old! 

It's exactly 9 months more embarrassing now, but I finally did it and now I get to check off my oldest task in my list. This makes my heart happy.

So if you wanted updates about all of us, have at it. 

Dear Jess, Thanks for pestering me, I would have forgotten. Also, I win the prize for slowest response time EVER. Love, your procrastinating tightly wound friend.

Next up: Have a discussion with Josh about where our children will go if we both die. I sincerely hope that conversation is not relevant in the next 9 months....but I also hope it's done before then. (Have you had that conversation? Why is it so hard? Why can't I land on anything I like?)


  1. We had the conversatation about where our kids will go if the worst were to happen. My husband actually wanted to set up a will, so we met with a lawyer and that made it so much easier. It was easier to have him ask us the hard questions instead of us thinking about them ourselves. The other great thing he did was to advise us not to talk with our family members about it right away to avoid hurt feelings and such, because the truth is, right now, it might be one person to take your kids, but in a few years, it may change depending on your kids needs and your family's situation.

  2. I love that you did an All About John page. It's fun!!

  3. WE wrote a will also. It is scary, but I feel better knowing that things would be taken care of if something did happen.

  4. Don't you just feel blessed knowing there are so many people who would step in and love your children if that were ever to happen?

    Now I'll have to add a will to my list of things to do. :)

    Love the page about John. He's such a cute cute boy. I love how much he adores his mama too. You're a pretty awesome mama to love.

  5. Willie and i have had the conversation, we still need to put it in paper because there are unfortunately certain people with whom i do NOT trust Asher's care to...


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