Friday, January 14, 2011

Good Morning Beautiful

You should probably try to be friends with my friends, because your life will be better if you do. In an e-mail from one of them this morning, she ended with the line "you are beautiful!". I laughed because this morning I'm far from beautiful.

[the crowd chants pic-ture! pic-ture! pic-ture!]

Okay okay....

I made Tommy sit on my lap for a photo in hopes of distracting you from the overwhelming *ugh* I'm putting out there. This kid is always cute so I figured the law of averages would apply and it would be a less hideous picture, then he went and made his drugged face. Dang it!

The average cuteness of this photo is still brought up by his presence, but I was counting on him bringing it a little more - you know?

It's OK, the cuddles made up for it.

Dear Aundrea,
See? I told you "beautiful" was not the appropriate word this morning.
Love to incredible liars, and more to you,

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