All About John

Resume: John is responsible for all weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth in this house. A job he takes seriously, though we all chip in from time to time. He has experience in  eating books, taking naps (long and short) and splashing in the bathtub so high we had to drain the light fixture.

Likes: John like me. I don't mean to brag or anything, but it's true. He loves me. Unless of course Grandma Fugal or Grandpa Reilley are in the room, then my only purpose in life is to transport him quickly to the appropriate grandparent. Now that he's walking, I think my liked days are numbered.

Did: Outeat everybody at the table for dinner more than once last week. And smiled at the end of it. 

Skills: Tub pooping. If I am in the bathroom with the boys while they bather there is no problem, but the second my toe crosses the threshold he lets loose and I hear Tommy calling for me to "come quick! there's a plop in here!!!!" Also he excels in giggling, making people around him giggle and showing off for a crowd. 

Most important: His mother doesn't know how to spell Johnathon so his name is legally JohnathAn though nobody ever calls him anything but John (and Little John). One of these days when I feel like standing in a long government line I think I'll correct that.

Looks: This kid takes charm to a whole new level. Despite his father's insistence that we cut his hair at home, he is a sharp looking kid. And as soon as he stops being the sole provider of drool on this planet and his clothes aren't so consistently stained he'll be even handsomer.

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