Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The best way

I call insurance companies for a living.

I listen to all kinds of hold music.

All day* long.

And I've learned that the best way to make the hold music stop, is to insert as many chips as possible into your mouth at once.

You're welcome.

*This is a big fat lie. I don't even come close to working all day long, much less spending it all on hold. So I suppose I should technically say "all hour long" but that just doesn't evoke as much pity, does it?

A new routine

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Apparently we have a new naptime routine.

But I can't quite seem to figure out what it is. 

Back in the old days it goes like this: I love on Tommy and set him down in his crib. Then I give him a binkie, his lovey bear and a lovey blanket (because there's really no use for a regular blanket when it's so insanely hot outside). Then I kiss his nose 3 times and tell him to "sleep tight my love" and leave the room. 

That's the normal routine. 

Only now we've added on a delightful addition where he screams for 10-15 minutes while I pretend I'm working. 

Then he screams REALLY loud because he's worked himself over to the end of the crib and is banging his head against the wall of it over and over trying to crawl. THROUGH the edge of the crib.

Then I jump up out of my chair panicked because he sounds injured.

So I rush into the room, gather his weeping little body in my arms and he lays on my shoulder and screams some more. 

I grab a wet wipe and we go the bathroom to check out "that handsome guy over there" (in the mirror) while I slowly and gently wipe the tears, boogers and slobber off his face, then off my shoulder. He giggles at his biggest fan who always thinks he's hot stuff and we rock back and forth on our way back to his room. 

As soon as we're by his crib the screaming begins again, and we choose a book from the shelf.

He sniffles.

I read.

He calms down.

I put Orajel on his apparently swollen gums.

He sucks on my finger. 

And we start again at step 1. Binkie. Lovey Bear. Lovey Blanket. 

I leave the room and screams some more. 

Eventually he falls asleep.

Wouldn't you think I'd just learn to do the Orajel first and skip all that screaming in between?

You'd think.

But adapting to new routines is just not my forte. 

What is my forte? 

The kissing. 
Definitely the kissing.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not cool.

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Tommy is slowly learning about "not cool."

So far he's pretty confident in his opinions about some things being NOT cool.

Like me leaving the room?
 Not Cool.

Josh going to work?
Not Cool.

Staying up past bedtime?
Not cool.

Naked time on a Sunday afternoon?

Monday, July 26, 2010

My dining room and a giveaway

I'm not much for interior design. Or even decorating. I can appreciated a beautiful space, but I cannot for the life of me put one together.

But there is one area in my house that I positively love.

And it's the dining area.

My brother in law painted the beautiful work of art for me. Which means it's a custom painting by a real live artist. Which means I'm cool.

And Josh and I picked what I think is the perfect dining room table (although it's entirely too large for such a small place....I don't care) and as a general rule we only have fun there. It's where we play games, and eat REAL once a week - all other meals are eaten on our laps on the couch or at the bar. And we never do anything lame at that table.

However, the table is entirely too large and when it comes time to sell this place it'll have to go to a storage space and we'll have to get something more appropriately sized.

So I'd love new dining room furniture like what they have at CSN just so it would be the right size and perfect for the area.

As much as I love this space, there is one thing I do not love, and that's the light.

Because ew.

So I desperately want one of these. Maybe someday I'll get one. When we're rich and famous.

In the meantime, one of you lucky readers can win a $40 gift certificate to use at ANY of the CSN stores. They have everything from baby stuff, to dining room furniture, to bedding, to fitness equipment, to cookware. Think Walmart without the groceries, or the icky people standing in front of you in line, or the lady who sneezes on your bananas.

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You can enter until Sunday, August 1st at midnight. I'll announce the winner Monday morning(ish).

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that shampoo gets oil stains out of cotton? You know when you accidentally get oil on your shirt because the thing of salad dressing jumped off the counter and onto your self? That's how I know about the shampoo trick.

Did you know that the longest game of monopoly ever lasted 70 days? (According to this anyway.) But nobody can figure out how it lasted that long since it's physically impossible to stay awake for 70 straight days.

Did you know that so far they think it's impossible to stay awake for more than 11 days? If you had asked me 9.5 months ago (when Tommy was still brand new) I would've told you I'd been awake at least that long and that I'd probably be awake for the rest of my life. Which would hopefully last at least 14 days since that's when the next Dr. visit was. Nothing in the whole world was better than a Dr. visit back then. Well...not nothing, but close.

Did you know that Josh and I now have the first sunburns of summer? Nice that we held off this long huh? Not nice that we haven't left our house in nearly 36 hours because "that sun is TOO hot!"

Did you know that Tommy still refuses to sleep past 6:28? Not because he doesn't love me. Just because he has his father's blood. Because it's "his faulty genetics" that have Tommy up so early, Josh always gets to do breakfast. Which I think is fair since I do the other 3 meals every day.

Did you know that I sprained my ankle at the end of my first grade year? I had to have someone carry my chair to the end of year assembly in the lunchroom and hobble to the stage to get my award. I don't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure it was "a very special award for being the only brown hair, brown eyed, 3'10" girl who has a knack for staying out of trouble and hiding under the jungle gym at recess" or something equally unique and special.

Did you know that Tommy hates the worm-crawl? It's really the only way he can move around on his own, but it's incredibly slow and hard and he sobs the entire time he does it. Yesterday I walked into his room to find his face buried in his hands while he tried to worm-crawl out of his crib; but, (frustratingly) couldn't move past the wall over and over again. Poor boy. When I picked him up he reached for me, and wrapped his arms around my neck and cried on my shoulder instead. He was very excited to hear about the very hungry caterpillar and even put his fingers in the holes while he sniffled and bit his binkie.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Awww.....sweet camping

There's just something about being in the mountains with nothing around me that makes me love my family more and more and more.

Josh is very good at camping. And he's good at all the hard work that camping requires. And he's good at enjoying it. And I'm good at sitting around and appreciating his hard work.

So last weekend we took Tommy camping for the first time in our very favorite place in the whole wide world. Also we dragged the Medinas up the mountain with us because we wanted them to come too. And they obliged.

Here are the official directions (courtesy of my daddy) to Alexander Lake:

  1. Drive up the canyon until you see the Duchene Tunnel.
  2. Get out and say "oooh. aaaahh...."
  3. Turn Left.
  4. Drive until you can't anymore. Then stop.
  5. Get out and walk over the hill to the lake.
Only this time we didn't stop at the Duchene Tunnel because we just needed to get a spot to set stuff up and get our baby out the car. He'd been screaming for about an hour of the journey. It was only a journey because of the screaming. 

So we skipped the get out part and headed up the mountain. 

You should know that these directions are for my daddy who usually took an 85 station wagon (with wood paneling) loaded down with 2 adults, 5 kids and all the stuff we'd need in order to stay a whole week. But since we have a sweet action vehicle, we drive clear in right up to the lake. 

Except we didn't quite make it to the "get out and walk" place before the car overheated. 

So Ashley and I walked in with our babies (and none of their necessary supplies but we did have Cheetos!) and waited for Josh and Junior to drive the Medinas sweet action vehicle in. Then the boys went back out and drove our overheated car in. 

Remember how I hate the drive in? I'd rather hike in 10 times hauling all our gear than ride in once? Yep. I lucked out this year and didn't have to do either.

So we set up camp, and this is what it looked like.

Medinas staying by the fire. Notice Ashley's ninja attire - it kept the bugs off.

Josh wasted no time getting his hammock broken in.

And I wasted no time getting to the food. These marshmallows are about as big as my palm, and make for some killer s'mores.

Daddy and babby trying to nap. 

Getting ready for a walk around the lake. pictures by the lake!
 Ashley and I saw this enormous bug with antenna longer than my longest finger. (I didn't hold it out for comparison because I didn't wanna be that close to the yicky bug) And the boys tried to light it on fire. But it didn't burn. So we called it Shadrach.
Poor Shadrach.

Awww...another lake family picture. Tommy is sleeping in there. Not dead.

Josh made it a point to pick every flower he saw and stick it in my ear. He's romantic.

We found a swing! So we swung. Sortof.

Poor Stella couldn't keep her head up because she was too tired.
We brought potatoes. And I knew they were pretty old....but I didn't realize just HOW old until we got there and pulled them out of the bag. Apparently Junior has some mad peeling skills and peel like 6 of these in the time it took Ashley and I to peel 2.
Jr and his mad peeling skills. Also he has the ability to keep a straight face while we all laugh about the potato growth.

Tommy likes camping.

The view from inside the tent.

Tommy & Dad chillin at o dark 30 am. Which is apparently when a boy should wake up.

I love the fire. Love it.

Prettiest lake there is.
We swam, but I don't have those pictures yet, and to be honest I think I'll spare you. :D  Let's just say that Josh used Tommy's floatie and would've stayed out longer, except that Junior was getting hypothermia. So a few minutes after Junior went back, Josh and I went back to take care of our child. No laps around the lake this year, but at least we got wet. I'll take it!

Is it just me or did my baby turn into a little boy?

He still refuses to sit without his feet up on stuff.

And Stella holds her ear and sucks her thumb when she's tired. 
Tommy slept pretty well. We have a little backpacking tent which is definitely not big enough to put a pack & play in, so he just slept in our big sleeping bag with us.

I woke up the first morning and was so impressed with how well he did. He woke up 4-5 times but went back to sleep after just one lullabye from dad every time. So I told Josh, who looked at me like I'd grown as many eyes as that potato up there, that I was so glad he did so well. That when Josh (kindly and gently) corrected me and told me he was up all night with him singing and holding and playing while I sawed logs 2 inches away.

The next night he really did do much much better. Only waking up 2-3 times and really falling asleep again quickly.
Tommy sleeps when he's tired.
So on our way back down we decided to stop at the Duchene Tunnel. Because when you don't follow the directions exactly, your car overheats because you've cursed yourself.

Tommy & Daddy recovering from the horrible drive out.

We're stinky and we're dirty, but we'll cram in a picture together anyway.

See dad? We did it right this time!

And then we thought it would be good for the babies to sit on top of the tunnel sign.

Calm down the daddies are right behind them.

Morning at Alexander Lake is the very best thing you can imagine. And I don't even like mornings. But it's quiet and calm and peaceful and sill. And you can hear your fire crackling. And your baby squealing. The reflection on the lake is perfect because the water is smooth and calm. Plus since nobody else is up yet, you can pretty much pee anywhere you want. Well...not ANYwhere......

But the best part of Alexander Lake in the morning is the echo. And when your kid discovers that......heaven.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Growing into my purple hat

You know that story (or is a book? a talk? a parable perhaps?) about the old lady and her purple hat?

You know, she grows up and realizes that nobody cares if she matches anymore. And there's some really great life lesson about learning to be whoever you are even if you look like an old lady in a purple hat?

Tonight at Zumba I decided that I may as well be 89 years old and wearing a purple hat.

There I am shaking it for all I'm worth. Laughing hysterically at the way my hips don't lie.

Then I suddenly stop and  realize that I'm. shaking. it. for. all. I'm. worth. In front of the members of my ward. And I'm sure they didn't want the show they got, but hey, it's a free class right?

When did I stop being so aware of how stupid I looked and totally lose my mind?

I'm not sure, but I sortof think I like it.

Watch out belly dancing. Here I come. (Joking of course. Even I don't wanna see that.)

I looked it up, and here is that book. I think.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Down on the farm

Last week Tommy and I went with Josh's Mom & Co. to Wheeler Farm to hang out with some livestock.

Due to my child's ability to turn his regularly scheduled 29 minute nap into a 2 and half hour nap (hey I'm not complaining!) we went at the hottest part of the day. In July. Because we're geniuses.

Millie rocks those shades. Tommy now has competition.

Tommy loves Aunt Cami. And I'm pretty sure she loves him right back. Mellow-est 17 year old ever.

Grandma usually likes to stay on her side of the camera, but for a photo op with this little one....she'll pose. 
L-R: Cami, Millie, (up) Mom Reilley, (stroller) Cayson, Caden.

Braden and Tommy ride fake horses.

Cayden and Tommy also ride fake horses.

Millie likes to have her picture taken. And wanted her brother to be in it too.

"sit by her" he was told. So he did.
This photo session is going downhill fast.

And he's finished with the pictures.
And so is she.

I wanna know who does that ducks's hair.

And a pig. Because I thought it was cute.
It was hot, but mom packed a lovely picnic and we got to look at all the animals (and Farmer Brad) in their natural habitat (Farmer Brad's natural habitat has to do with an iPod and a grouchy face that says "I'm not listening to you".) 

It turned out to be quite a nice outing. I just can't wait until Tommy realizes that it's funny when pigs squeal and geese honk. He didn't laugh this time, but I'm sure he will another time.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

special privileges

Sometimes when you're the mom you get special privileges*.

Like if you're really good and do ALL the dishes and ALL the cleaning, then sometimes you're allowed to go running at o' dark 30.

And if you do ALL your homework and feed ALL the family members, then sometimes you're allowed to shower for 6 minutes instead of 5.

If you water ALL the plants and dust ALL of the furniture, then sometimes you're allowed to make a phone call (for work) all by yourself.

If you've prepared breakfast, lunch, dinner AND snacks for baby, and cleaned up after him when he spits it out AND pukes it up, then sometimes you're allowed to do the dishes while plugged into your iPod.

If you've read your scriptures AND prayed AND studied, then sometimes you're allowed to go to more meetings for church.

But once in a while, if you're willing to take the baby with you, you're allowed to leave the house and go to a Relief Society activity about learning to crochet. So although it's still just one more thing on your to-do list, you go. And you enjoy every second of it.

Because technically all of these things are earned privileges*. And if you can't even enjoy your privileges*....then what?

*And by "privilege" I mean "something you have to do and probably don't even want to do, but you call it a reward because if you didn't you'd never get one (reward I mean) and if you never get a reward you'll probably go crazy so you'll take what you can get.".

I can't cook

I never really thought that people who can cook had a real talent. I just sortof figured it was one of those things where you do what the recipe says and then the food turns out how it was supposed to.

I have always had a huge amount of respect for people who can invent things (a la Ratatouille). That has always clearly been a talent in my mind. But following a recipe and having it turn out? Not so much.

Until now.

I'm 25 years old and just now realizing that I can't cook.

You would think I would've noticed when Josh taught me how to make pancakes. From a mix. Because I couldn't get them right.

Or perhaps the time I boiled 3 empty pans on the stove within 2 weeks should have tipped me off.

Maybe I could have figured it out when I started making my guests check to see if the brownies (from a box) were done.

But it took one horrible week in which I overcooked the buttermilk syrup (creating buttermilk paste....), undercooked the chocolate frosting (creating chocolate pudding drizzle) and ruined the fruit dip beyond repair to make me realize that I cannot cook.

I told Josh about my revelation and he tried desperately to convince me that I do cook (because he's afraid he'll starve if I cook any less than I do now...), but instead convinced himself that I make a mess of a meal and he fixes it so it's edible. Unless of course it's one of the 10 meals I actually know how to make. So, in the end he agrees with me.

Turns out following a recipe is harder than I thought.

And it only took me 25 years to figure that out.

Kinda makes me wonder what else I'm bad at.....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some things: Anti-itch cream

One thing about camping in the wilderness with no restrooms or running water is the bathroom situation. No it's not pleasant, but it's something that I'm willing to do for the sake of being somewhere that very few other people are willing to go. Plus I like to remind Josh that he's married to someone talented and cool. And at home my "peeing in the wilderness" talents are neither appreciated NOR cool.

One thing about peeing in the wilderness just before dark (because peeing in the wilderness after dark is scary and should probably be avoided although it never is...) is that the mosquitoes are particularly hungry and not picky enough to care exactly which part of your body is uncovered.

One thing about being married is that your spouse (if kind enough) can put anti-itch cream on your butt because you really only want it on the mosquito-bitten part not the whole cheek.

4 years ago today, I certainly wouldn't have let Josh put anti-itch cream on my butt. I guess that's just how some marriages grow.

Monday, July 19, 2010

4 years ago today

4 years ago today my sisters my mom and I painted our fingernails and toenails because pretty is important when you're about to get married.

4 years ago today Josh and I made no less than 3 trips between my parent's house in Lindon and what would be our first apartment together in Murray. One trip was for the sole purpose of getting empty shoe boxes to give the food table "depth".

4 years ago today Josh and I spent a few hours in the Salt Lake temple doing a session as a couple for the first time.

4 years ago today my mom was stressed about whether or not the table toppers matched the flowers and weather or not the flowers would float.

4 years ago today Josh's mom was probably crying her eyes out because her baby boy was about to be stolen by her future daughter.

4 years ago today I was pretty dang nervous about tomorrow.

4 years ago today Josh and I had a very serious talk about how important it was that he pick me up at my mom's house before going to the temple. I was terrified that he wouldn't show.

4 years ago today I threatened Josh that if he was late I would die. And that would mean he would die. So please please PLEEEEEEASE don't be late. I think it was the first time I begged.

4 years ago today we bribed my little brother and his girlfriend to decorate our car nicely before anyone could get to it to decorate it meanly. They did.

4 years ago today was the last time Josh and I kissed goodnight and went to our separate homes.

4 years ago today we decided (for the 900th time) that the reception was not the highlight of the day.

4 years ago today was a lovely lovely day in our lives. One filled with surety and hope and excitement for our future together.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that Josh and I are camping with Tommy right now? True story. Baby's first campout and I have a feeling we didn't sleep well last night. I'll let you know when I come home.

Did you know that humans blink over 10,000,000 times per year? Did you blink when you read that? I did.

Did you know that we're in the Uintahs? Eat that creepos. You'll never find us in the 150 miles LONG of mountains.

Did you know that Tommy is working on more teeth? I think he likes them. I think he likes it when I yelp when he bites me. I think he's mean sometimes.

Did you know that more than once this week I didn't shower until 9:30pm because I was busy getting dirtier and smellier all day long? I sorta like those days. Until the next morning when the dirty smelliness hurts in my muscles.

Did you know that I haven't eaten a crepe in more than 2 years? Remember that place European Connection? Josh took me there once and it was fantastic. But I think that was the last time I had a crepe. Tragic.

Did you know that my Elementary School Librarian came to my wedding? True story. Mrs. Walker is one of the greatest people I've ever known in my whole wide life and I love her dearly. And I especially love that although I hadn't seen her in like 5 years she came to reception and told me I was beautiful. What a sweet woman.

Did you know that staying home is my dream come true? I told Josh once that I'd rather live in a teeny tiny studio apartment (running water is a must...) with 10 babies than in a mansion with no babies. I still think that's true. However, I reserve the right to whine about how we're growing out of our home.

Did you know that I asked Josh if it was OK for Tommy to chew on "that red white and yellow cord for the tv"? Josh said no. Because "there are people toys and baby toys. And those are people toys." Tommy wasn't real thrilled with that response.

Friday, July 16, 2010

One time....

The fire truck came to our Primary bike parade.

And all the children danced in the street.

That was a good day.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another visit to the Dr.

Tommy's 9-month-old-ness means a new trip to the Dr.

At a whopping 17 lbs 8.8 ounces my kid has broken into the double digits in weight percentile-dom. 10th to be exact. He's also 28 inches long which puts him in the 50th percentile for height. His noggin is also completely average.

Being the first patient in the morning means not as much time waiting in the waiting room with the other "well kids". But we did have a few minutes to observe the new parents (3 days old!) in the corner.

I remember going in when Tommy was 3 days old and seeing a mom who was there for her ENORMOUS child's 1 year checkup. I remember thinking "Wow! A whole year! I don't know if we'll ever be that old." And I watched this new mom's face think the exact same thing when I told her my ENORMOUS (10th percentile) "baby" was 9 months old.

Her husband was with her, she was wearing sweat pants and if she's anything like me she was terribly uncomfortable on those stupid chairs. I almost told her I was impressed with how casually she sat down (she didn't cringe or anything!) but then I decided that commenting on another woman's ability to sit after having a child is probably not socially acceptable behavior.

Her baby slept quietly in her car seat, her blankets still look new, she still has all her baby hair and  I'm willing to bet neither of them have slept in the past 3 days and they are both positively glowing. They probably haven't fought about what to do with their child at all. They seemed to bask in the newness and goodness of it all.

They made goo goo eyes at each other (parents & baby) while I wrestled my monster in the our corner.

Tommy screeched and shouted and babbled while their Tiny Sweetheart slept and her lips twitched.
Tommy wrestled to get down and stomped on my face. Tiny Sweetheart never even strained against the car seat buckle.
Tommy nearly got whiplash from trying to decide weather to play with the light switch behind me or watch the Disney movie on the other wall. Back and forth back and forth SCREEECH!!!! back and forthbackandforth SQUEAL!!!! backandforthbackandforth GIGGLES! He simply wouldn't calm down.

I just can't figure out when that change happened.
I remember the first time I picked him up carefully placing both hands under his arms and around his chest instead of "one hand under bum, one hand under head".
I remember the belly button stump falling off.
I remember when he started standing up.
I remember packing away his newborn clothes.
But I simply can't remember when he went from the "quiet angel baby who is too small to cause any kind of trouble and just sits there looking tiny and peaceful" he used to be to the "ball of energy, noise, and flailing limbs" that he is now.

I wonder if the mom who saw me in the waiting room when Tommy was just 3 days old thought the same things of me.
I wonder if she looked at my teeny tiny child and couldn't figure out when her child turned old.
I wonder if she noticed that I cringed when I sat down and secretly cringed with me.
I wonder if she silently applauded my ability to get dressed and leave the house.
I wonder if she laughed when Josh and I didn't know there was a sick kids side and a well kids side.
I wonder how her nearly 2 year old "baby" is doing today.

After Tommy was weighed and measured we sat down on the floor in the exam room and played with toys. I know I know...unsanitary, unclean, hard, dangerous. Whatever. My child has a maximum number of minutes he can sit on someone's lap per week. And I'm not wasting them in a room by myself when there are toys to be played with on the floor.

Dr. Lady came in and declared him "just the perfect child" and me "a lucky mom" because he's right on track with growth and development (still no crawling....but worm-crawling) and is full of smiles.

Then the mean nurse lady (who is actually very nice) came in and poked my baby until he cried. Which took approximately 2.1 seconds while I held his hands and put my face right next to his so neither of us could see the needle.

As soon as that mean old lady with the sharp things left Tommy was happy I was holding him and even smiled at me as soon as she was in the hall. I have to say, it's nice being the one to rescue him for once instead of being that mean old lady who won't give him food and Josh rescuing him from me.

In all? Not a bad day at the Dr.'s office.

I weep

I do not cry gracefully. And this morning has been one full of tears. The reasons are unimportant. Well. Unimportant to you. Very important to me. Which is why I cried.

My face is red and splotchy.
My nose will probably never stop running.
My eyes make the drunk on the side of the road look like a fresh new missionary.
My hair...well that's always a mess.
I think there is a permanent mascara streak down my left cheek.

I know women who cry beautiful, a single tear glistening down their cheek. I'm just not a single tear kind of girl I guess. I'm an open sobber. I weep.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Josh is snoring on the couch. Because if he keeps his eyes open for one more second he WILL die. Believe me. I asked if it would kill him to stay awake. It will.

Thomas is squealing and banging on the only solid side of his crib. And fake coughing every now and again just to make sure I know he's in there. I know.

The incredibly noisy truck belong to the neighbors just rumbled down the street.

The computer fan comes on and off as it attempts not to overheat with it's excessive use.

The air conditioner is running. Not on and off. Just running. Because I kid you not, it's 9 hundred thousand degrees out there and I refuse to let it be 9 hundred thousand degrees in here. Our house is like 1200 square feet. The whole thing. And the monthly power bill is almost that many dollars. That's how desperate I am for the cool air.

A year ago I was hearing copy machines, whistlers, tools and adult laughter. What a difference 9 months makes.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that EVERYBODY goes out of town in July? Everybody.

Did you know that I had to get out Tommy's 12 month clothes so he stops going naked? I'm afraid he'll overheat now.

Did you know Back to School sales is sortof my favorite part of the year? I just want to buy 10 million fresh pencils, pads of paper, pens, binders, and general office supplies that are not dusty and are not slobbered on.

Did you know that there are 2,000 living species of starfish? The prettiest ones I've ever seen were in Sitka, Alaska. Look a sortof ugly picture of a beautiful creature!

Did you know that Aundrea and (hopefully) her two daughters are going to do a triathalon next summer? Not a full length one, just a baby sprint one. I already can't wait. And am nervous. Advice? I'm open.

Did you know that Target had corn on the cob on sale at $.05/cob? Pretty dang good if you ask me. Now if only I can get Josh to grill it I'll be in heaven.

Did you know that Tommy wore shoes to church today? Real live ones. With laces and everything. If that ain't fancy, I don't know what is.

Did you know that I periodically wipe down the Relief Socity binders with wet wipes? Because I'm fairly certain they get slobbered on. Not by grown women of course. (Although the dutch oven recipes that were in them last week might have caused excessive salivation.) But by grown women's babies? Probably.

friends with nothing in common

I used to think that you could only be friends with people that you had everything in common with.

I'm slowly learning that the number of common interests/desires is not in any way related to the strength of the friendship.

Some of my dearest friends have some seriously flawed judgement:

Aundrea hates winter and loves summer seriously. Also she hates parenthetical remarks (wha----?) and thinks that husbands and wives should not shove food in each other's faces because it's rude. Remarkably she still lives in Utah, reads my blog and is not entirely convinced that Josh and I are doomed.
Sarah likes to do yoga in the mountains with groups of strangers. Also she thinks it's fun to redecorate her house and regularly has feta cheese "on hand".
Ashley & Junior would rather go on a cruise to the Bahamas than Alaska. They sleep in and stay up past 10 every night. And they kiss their child on the lips. (Sick!)
Katy runs marathons.....because she wants to. She organizes playgroups and thinks that teaching elementary school PE is a great job. (Someday I like to think I'll have that kind of patience.)
Josh wants to go skydiving. And he recently found out that "Cool Aunt Nancy" did it one time. And "it's actually pretty cheap." Somebody please explain to me how jumping out of an airplane for $75 is cheap, but the books in my cart on Amazon are way too expensive.

So I'm slowly learning that some of my very best friends are entirely different from me. I suppose we still have plenty in common, but it's nice to know that even though we don't agree on everything we can still be friends.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


To celebrate Tommy's birthday yesterday we went for a bike ride.

Technically he should be a year old before putting him in this thing....but he's really really close.....and....well.....we're rebels. (Remember the bowl?)

Josh went for a test ride first to make sure he could drive with that thing behind him. And he can.

So we strapped him in. A process he surprisingly doesn't mind.

And off we went.

Now we're thankful for Legacy. (The "parkway" in our backyard.)

Also we ate cupcakes.
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