All About Josh

Resume: Josh is one of those people who will probably be in school forever and ever. That's because he loves learning (not because he fails his classes). He currently has his facilitators certificate from The Institute of Healing Arts which is an alternative emotional release work skill (if you're into weird emotional stuff you should talk to him about's very cool). He is a licensed Massage Therapist after a year at UCMT. He's technically a CNA (though he doesn't think it counts because....) and he's an RN.

He worked for Redbox forever and ever. Now he works at The Peaks Care & Rehab

Likes: From his dad Josh learned to work hard but play harder. He loves 4-wheeling and wave running (wave running more because I'll do it with him....) and anything else that involves going fast on a motor of any size. He also likes camping (we went every other weekend the first summer we were married), hiking (we still hike up to find the first snow of the year), and thinks it's really funny to jump off tall things (rocks, mountains, etc). He is also a sucker for any kind of game. Board games, card games, dice, night games anything. He'll play anything from Candyland to Risk and have as much fun playing Guesstures with 30 people as playing Sorry with just me. If he had his way we'd travel the world (probably on a cruise ship) playing games, not cleaning up after ourselves, being asleep by 10pm every night and going to school. Forever.

He doesn't have his way. He has 2 kids. Who he doesn't just like, he is positively crazy about them. Sometimes I wonder if he would rather hang out with them or me....

Did: He served his mission in Portland, OR and goes a little crazy if he hasn't been back in over a year. (A little crazy we currently are.) He craves the beach and can't stand the thought of life without the ocean. But he does not love heat and typical beaches. He loves Alaska and Oregon beaches. We always talk about moving to Washington or Oregon, but so far nothing has come of it.

Skills: I don't know any 9 year old boy who does better sound effects than him (vroom vroom eeeeeeechh!) and it makes him crazy when I "make sound effects" because I say the word instead of making the sound. "vr-ooom vr-ooom, screach!"

Most important: More than anything Josh is loving. He cares about people and wants them to be happy. I don't think he's ever met a person he didn't really truly genuinely like. He is always willing to help in any way he can and the man is a massage therapist with a 5 pound bag of peanut M&M's in his cupboard. He can usually help.

Looks: I asked Josh to pick a picture for this section and while scrolling through the 400 pictures of his face, he only stopped at this one:

During a pregnancy pretzel run he found the "continuous" button on my camera and had a hay-day while shaking his face side to side like a maniac. No, the people in the mall did NOT stop and stare.  So, there you go, I guess that's Josh.
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