Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sickie Won't Be "Sickie" Anymore!

It was all better, I swear it was.

This was day 3 of no puking, so we officially declared him well first thing this morning. That's a lie, we declared him well after dinner last night when we remember what an angel he normally is. 

Clearly that was a fool thing to do because it's currently 3am and I think that nobody in our home has slept yet tonight. That's not entirely true either, I napped a little on the way home from the zoo, and Josh napped a little during movie night. Guess I'm not into honesty tonight. Tommy woke up at 7:30 with a fever, we rocked and sang and tylenoled and rocked and sang and tylenoled.

He went back to sleep for an hour around 11.

He woke up just cried. He cries and cries and cries. He's miserable. And he really doesn't want me to hold him. He wants to snuggle with his daddy, but only if they're watching Signing Time together. Strangley his daddy doesn't thinking that Signing Time is an appropriate activity for 1am. Weird. So at 3 he finally gave up, handing me the babe and digging through the drawer for some earplugs.

Tommy was sick (throw-ups) last week, but then we had an appointment with the Dr. so he got better the day before that. It's not his fault, that's the natural law, and he has no power over things like gravity and the "never sick at the Dr." law. Don't hate him. Then he remembered he was sick and stayed sick for the rest of the week. Until he got better. Just in time to be sick again.

I used to wonder if I had an extraordinarily "easy child" and I was just a pansy for thinking being a mom was still hard. I wondered if he cried more or less than other kids. I wondered how much fussing was normal. But mostly I wondered if I would refer to him as "my hardest baby" or "my easiest baby".

Now that I'm dealing with the first sickness at 15 months in, I don't wonder anymore.


  1. poor little guy! but on the up side, look how cute he looks anyway!

  2. How sweet he is! No parent wants their child to be sick. I always did and still do as mine are in their thirty's now...I would ask God to give that sickness to me and not let them suffer. It always is hard, I wont lie. You will endure so many times like this in his life, but you are doing all the right things. Hang in there!

  3. I know he saw the doctor, but given the relapse you may want to have him checked for ear infections or strep. Both of those cause vomiting and fevers that don't go away readily. Another thing is a couple of my kids will get lactose intolerance from having the stomach flu. I cannot give them milk or milk products for about a month until their stomach gets back to normal. I hope you can figure things out and he gets well soon.

  4. poor tommy. :(

    we had that in our family all of december. it last at least 7 days for each of us. good luck.

  5. Ack! Look how big your "baby" is! (Now I think I'm a little bit sick. Ugh.)

  6. It's so hard when your baby is sick. Good luck! Hope things get better soon. He's still just such cutie though. Poor little guy :(


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