Monday, January 10, 2011

A Puzzle

Here's what happened:

December 30th I opened The puzzle and started sorting. Josh helped by mixing the previously sorted border pieces with the middles. 

December 31st the missionaries came over and completed the border and got all excited when I told them they couldn't have dinner until they found THAT piece. Before the border was even complete I was positive THAT piece was missing. Positive. 

The missionaries didn't find it, but I let them eat anyway. Lucky missionaries. 

All night long we worked on the puzzle, and put a tablecloth over it to play real games, then worked on it again. 

January 1 - 7 Amy tells Josh he can't go to school until the puzzle was done. She threatens him with his life and forces him to work on it against his will. She forces her to work on it against his will too. And I sortof neglected my child - but in my defense, he's really bad at puzzles! THAT piece has become the running joke. "They puzzle factory probably pulled it out so we would hate them." "The putrid feds took it. They take all the best stuff." 

January 8 Amy completes the puzzle at 11:30pm while Josh falls asleep in the bathtub. 

 Are you thinking "why didn't you put in THAT last piece?"? Well, look closer.

Singing "one of these things is not like the of these things just isn't the same...."

The bonus piece is a duplicate from the other side of the puzzle.

I think that Wanda, a linewoman at the puzzle factory, gets bored on Thursday afternoons, so she randomly pulls two pieces from the same print, but different puzzles and switches them before the box is sealed. Wanda is livin' on the edge.


  1. CRAZY! Did you see this post:

    What is up with puzzles these days. i mean...seriously!

  2. Looks like a nice puzzle, but oh that would drive me crazy!! I would have to re-buy it or something...

  3. That is so crazy! and slightly annoying! Haha, that darn Wanda!


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