Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another blog

Because Walk MS was such a great experience, and because the universe wants me to run (as evidenced by winning a running stuff giveaway) I've decided to do more cause races this summer. I'm only doing 1 per month (but only because I'm not independently wealthy) which means I'll have to keep running in the meantime.

Somehow I have in my mind that you all want to read MORE from blog it is.

Feel free to visit sometime.

I guess he really is mine

The (alarmingly short) list of "things he gets from me" just grew.

It's been a rough morning; full of vomit, scrubbing carpets, crying, wardrobe changes, extra meals, and refusal to eat. (I'll just let you assume that all of those refer to the child and not me.....these are not the things added to The List.)

During nap attempt number 3 for the day (at the incredibly late hour of 10:30am) I went in to check on my normally delightfully sleepy child to find that the-child-who-will-not-roll had turned himself around in his crib so he was facing the window instead of the wall and had successfully smashed his face up against the crib wall in an apparent attempt to escape.

I picked him up and began to settle into our SCP (Standard Cuddling Position) in the rocking chair but he'd have none of it. With his twisting, squirming, & screaming I didn't stand a chance. As I loosened my death grip on The Child, He turned and arched his back, craned his neck and was immediately still and calm.

I stared in his eyes (which are slowly turning brown from the inside it mailman) and finally saw what he was looking at. The ginormous snowflakes falling outside the window.

Apparently he loves the snow as much as I do.

So in a slightly modified SCP together we faced the window and watched the flakes float down to the street until they stopped.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One things I love about being a mom

One things I love about being a mom is that sometimes my baby squeals with delight over a fistful of plastic links.

"Look at these toys I found!"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a bit ridiculous

I looked down at my squash-splattered shirt through my splattered glasses and began to wonder - exactly when I did I lose the ability to make it through an entire day in clean clothes?

I used to hang my clothes back up in the closet after wearing them the first time because...well they were pretty darn clean.

I'm now considering turning all laundry hampers into water-tight containers full of my super-special soaking mix because the tiny bucket on top of my dryer is just not big enough to soak all of Tommy's clothes and mine while they wait to be laundered.

I stopped saying "no no no no" to the squash-spewing machine in front of me long enough to realize that meal cleanup used to be simple. You put the dishes you used in the dishwasher.

I now bring a box of wet wipes to all meals (which usually take place on a drop-cloth in the middle of the living room floor) because by the time we're done we have dishes, body parts (legs, arms, hands, toes, AND face - for both of us), chairs, blankets AND toys to wipe down.

And although I wouldn't trade it for the world, I sometimes fantasize about eating an entire meal (maybe even more than one course!) in "dry-clean only" clothes instead of coveralls.

If I had some extra cash....

If I had some extra cash - specifically NOT a million dollars just a reasonable amount of money - these are some things that I would spend it on without hesitating TODAY.

  • Registration for a whole bunch of races throughout the summer. Probably 2 or 3 each month. 
  • A water softener.
  • Pretty art like this for our bedroom.
  • Totes. A million of them in every shape and size to put all the stuff in the world in. And it would be beautiful.
  • Fancy food storage shelves.
  • Wood and tools so Josh could build me stuff. Like a window seat.
  • Shorts.
  • New bedding. With organic sheets.
  • A washer & dryer. The cool kind that sanitizes and steams and finishes drying clothes in less than 2 cycles through the highest setting.
  • This gigantic mirror from Ikea to hang on my living room wall.

    This is (of course) the selfish version full of stuff and things I can live without. These are things I'll probably purchase someday, but I don't NEED them and I'd rather pay my mortgage. So they'll wait. 

    But if I had just some extra money today. That's what I'd do today. 

    What would you buy? With just some extra money. NOT a million dollars.

    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    Did you know?

    Did you know that Thomas is sitting on the floor entertaining himself with a Spiderman ball? All by himself.

    Did you know that bulls don't really hate the color red? Saw it on Mythbusters.

    Did you know that I don't really feel like writing right now? Which is weird, because we all know I talk too much. Eh well. I got the basics covered (Thomas update? Check. Random fact? Check.) so I'm calling it a day.

    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    The race

    Well, here I am. Alive and I dare say well.

    This particular 5k was Walk MS at Gateway Mall. And what an incredible experience.

    Yesterday my free stuff (which I won here) showed up in the mail, so here I am sporting "real people's running gear" as I like to call it.  I brought my iPod because I was pretty sure my mom would get sick of running as slow as I do and leave me in the dust.

    It was overwhelming how many people were there. So many people whose lives have been touched by MS. The crowd was huge, but we somehow managed to get our numbers without losing each other.

    After we "started" it took about 3 blocks to get out around the crowd so we could actually run. But once we did there was no stopping us. Not even when the lady at the end took one look at us and blurted out "if you can run it, I can certainly run it!"

    I could just see my Dad holding Thomas, but couldn't find Josh. I was so sad that he wasn't there because I wanted him to give me a hug and tell me I did great. Little did I know he was just in front of me taking this picture. And he did give me a hug and told me I did great. Whew!

    We crossed the finish line and they gave us medals - cuz you know...we finished.

    Turns out I didn't need my iPod because my mom stayed back with me the whole time. She's nice like that. It was really fun to run with her, we talked the whole way and I didn't feel completely stupid for being so slow because she's my mom....and she knows. I'm so glad she ran with me today!

    Once we finished we all (mom, dad, Josh, Thomas and I) walked back to meet up with our team members who were walking.

    On the way back we hit this ENORMOUS solid group of people. As we kept walking back looking for our group of people (and the reason we were there) I kept thinking it would lighten up, but I swear for a whole mile the street was completely filled with people who were doing this walk.

    I saw little girls in shirts that said "I walk for my dad" and teenage boys in shirts that said "I walk for my mom". I saw women walking for their husbands, men walking for their wives, people walking for themselves and it was an amazing thing.

    When we saw our team I couldn't help but cry.

    Kristina couldn't feel her legs, but there she was, walking to the finish. She was held up by her family members who were there because they love and support her.

    And she made it!

    My mom explained it best while we were having lunch. "Now we'll go home and live our normal lives, and tomorrow she'll wake up and still have MS." 

    I am overwhelmed by the blessing it is to have a body that I can force to run (even if I don't want to). I am overwhelmed by the blessing it is to know people who are so inspiring. I am overwhelmed by the blessing it is to feel so much love and compassion for so many people all at once.

    So, yes. I completed my first 5K today. I ran the whole thing and I (surprisingly) loved it. But really, the best part of this day was being a teeny tiny part of something so amazing.

    Friday, April 23, 2010

    Twas the Night Before 5K

    If I were as talented as my mother I'd write an incredibly witty parody, but I'm not.

    Instead I'll just say this. I'm oddly nervous.

    And already embarrassed. Embarrassed at how slow I am, and embarrassed that this is such a big deal for me.

    5K is the distance real runners count as "halfway through the warmup".

    For me this is something that will feel like some big accomplishment at the end. It's something I actually "trained" for. It's something that I'm making Josh come to watch me finish because I want him to be as proud of me as I'll be when it's over.

    So, even though it's lame to admit it: it is a big deal, I'm nervous, I'm proud, I'm embarrassed, I'm paranoid, and I'm surprisingly excited.


    There's just something I love about him sitting on my lap having his lunch. Even more than I love Subway in a park for lunch.

    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    Earth Day take 2

    Last year Earth Day was kindof a flop for me.

    So this year, in honor of our Earth I'm staying in my jammies all day. Hibernating in my dark living room. Perhaps I'll curl up with a good book, but you certainly can't force me to waste electricity drying my hair. Probably I'll even conserve water by not bothering to shower. After all it's already 11 and showering now would be wasted since half the day is gone.

    You're welcome earth.

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Stamps and Dr. Pepper

    Today I had to buy stamps (which they don't sell anywhere within a 5 mile radius of my home - because really, who buys stamps? The same people who talk about weather, that's who.) and somehow I couldn't fathom the thought of a day without Dr. Pepper. A craving I haven't had since Josh replaced the good Dr. in my life.

    I opened the bottle while waiting at the train tracks on the way home. The carbonation nearly exploded out the top. And you know what I thought while I watched this substance literally crawl out of the bottle? I thought "Hey, I should put that in my mouth." So I did.

    It burned as it went down and my eyes immediately started to water. I blinked back the tears and chugged another swallow. I wiped the wet from my eyes so I could see the road in front of me, and took another swig.

    23 ounces later I kindof want to rip out my insides. And I can't help but wonder - why did I do that? It hurt going down, but somehow I was able to muscle through......for what?

    The sugar headache is in full swing and I'm relatively certain tomorrow's hangover will remind me why I don't drink (carbonation).

    Incidentally I'd like to blame the need for stamps. If only I hadn't needed stamps, I also wouldn't have needed  a drink.


    The thunder rolls

    Our windows have been open for about a week now. And every once in a while we catch a whiff of the smells of summer. Some are pleasant (neighbor's barbecue, cut grass). Some are not (sweat, 4-wheelers).

    Today the thunder rolls, and the lightning strikes, (duh duh dun!!!) and I'm catching whiffs of springtime. Wet cement. Worms. Clouds (yes they have a smell). 

    And I gotta say: spring smells much much better than summertime. (Until of course the smells of summer include chlorine, then we'll talk again.)

    *I go to label posts like these and always start to type the word "weather" and then I realize that I flat-out refuse to make a label called "weather" because how lame am I to post about the weather? Pretty dang. 

    Walking in the rain

    It looks like rain, it smells like rain, and I sortof think that it will start raining before I push Publish on this post.

    The last time I walked in the rain, there were puddles big enough for Josh and I to splash in (granted the puddle on the floor from my April Fool's Day rubber-band-on-the-squirter-thing joke was also big enough....doesn't take much for us) enough to soak both of us clear through.

    Rain update: wet speckles starting to show on the driveways.

    My fear is that my Walking In The Rain days are over. It's a little too cold to take my child out in it, and it would be irresponsible to leave him inside while I wander the streets enjoying the cold wet rain soaking me. Since I have officially entered my "child bearing years" there are some things I probably won't do until all of my babies are old enough.

    Most of these are sacrifices I'm willing to make. I can give up movies in the theater. Date nights with just 2 people. Running anywhere "real quick". Spending cruise money on diapers and wipes.

    Rain update: Instead of wet spots standing out, dry spots are the odds ones out. Just waiting for the assigned drop to make them disappear.

    But to go 10 years without even 1 walk in the rain seems a little unreasonable. Right?

    Rain update: The sun came out and the raindrops are coming down hard and fast enough to hear them hit the road. I love it when it rains from a sunny sky.

    Maybe if I take Thomas with me with a lot of blankets the water won't get to him. Or maybe I could bribe someone to watch him for 10 minutes while I wander the streets. Or maybe I'll just have to sacrifice my Rain Walking for something that's a little better.

    Monday, April 19, 2010

    Pictures of our Fire

    Technically Thomas did stop crying - although he's crying right now too......

    Anyhow, here are some photos which I will use to induce extreme jealousy and admiration for our coolness.

    This is pretty much what Thomas did the whole time. Except when he realized it was past his bedtime and he was outside getting smoked and frozen. Then he cried until I rocked him to sleep.

    This is how to roast a hotdog.

    Listen, if your kid is this cute you really should teach her how to play in the dirt. Ugly girls can't get away with that, but pretty girls like Stella certainly can  - it would be a shame to waste that.

    Also, if you're Ashley you put on makeup before you sit around a campfire. That because you know a photoshoot probably will happen and you wanna look like a supermodel (exhibit A) in the pictures. You know...for posterity. 

    Bur if you're me, you hide your face in your hoodie so nobody notices that you're not wearing makeup.....or shoes.....

    Also if you're me, you never stop roasting the hotdogs. Not even for the photo shoot because THE PRIORITY IS ALWAYS FOOD! (Please note that Thomas is technically in this photo - that makes this a family picture....maybe a candidate for a Christmas card?)

    Junior is a stud.
    If you click to blow up this photo - you can check out Stella's eyes. You won't regret it. I promise. If you do I'll give you all your money back.

    Bottom line: more people should light things on fire more often. Life is better around a fire.

    If the chapel smells like campfire.....

    You can just go ahead and blame me.

    It's because my neighbors went camping on Friday. The guy was standing at the end of his driveway for like 3 hours while I sat at my computer and worked and coveted his 4-wheeler and his ability to call it "gear" when it all fits in a gallon-sized ziploc bag.

    I know he was camping because in addition to the ziploc bag containing his only necessities, he also had a sleeping bag. And a bandanna on his head.

    So by noon I had convinced Josh to take us to the mountains to build us a fire and eat hot dogs.

    And by noon-oh-two I had convinced the Medina's to join us. And to bring dessert. If I had to pick one person to make my desserts for the rest of my life, it would be Ashley. She always knows what I want AND she makes it.

    So we went.

    Only now the carseat smells like campfire and I can't live without it long enough to wash it. So we went to church with our campfire baby drenched in febreeze.

    Wanna see some pictures of the good time?

    Me too. But Thomas is crying, so we'll all have to wait until he's happy before I can even find the camera much less pull pictures off it.

    I know. Your life is hard.

    Sunday, April 18, 2010

    Did you know?

    Did you know that no piece of square dry paper can be folded in half more than 7 times? I tired it and can't prove it wrong, so I suppose it's right. After all, if anyone can fold a paper in's GOTTA be me, right?
    Wrong. MythBusters did it. (See the video in the comments.) Granted it wasn't a square but they definitely busted the nature of this comment, by folding a football field sized piece of paper in half 11 times. Wow.

    Did you know that yesterday I had 6 appointments on my calendar and only managed to make it to 2 of them? Wow. I'm not good at that. On the plus side my little brother moved to a great new apartment! (hooray!)

    Did you know that I borrow more books from my mom than the library? That's because she's cooler than the library - plus she lets me keep them longer than 3 weeks.

    Did you know that we fed Thomas berries this week? We're still supposed to be introducing foods to him one at a time for 3 days at a time. Somehow "triple berry mix" seemed like 1 food to me until it was already in his mouth...meh. He's fine.

    Did you know that my child almost always sleeps with his ankles crossed? I think it might be a leftover "comfort position" from his days in the womb.  Remember back when there was no option but for him to cross his ankles? too.

    Did you know that the 5k is this weekend? Then you can stop hearing about it. Won't that be nice?

    Did you know that since we've started walking to church we've never been late? I'm telling you, walking to church is the greatest thing that ever happened to us. We talk about the lessons before we get there. We talk about the lessons on the way home. We hold hands, make faces at our baby and come home perfectly exhausted, happy and ready for our afternoon nap. What more do you want on a Sunday huh?

    Friday, April 16, 2010


    I've been dreading the first Baby Illness for exactly 6 months and 5 days.

    Now it's over and it wasn't as bad as I expected.

    Yes there was excesssive screaming.

    No there wasn't a thing I could do.

    Yes the thermometer read 101.5

    No wasn't supposed to worry (shots...remember?).

    Yesterday when Thomas woke up from his nap, I picked him up, kissed his head and just about did an overjoyed backflip (Which by the way is totally different from a regular old boring backflip. I know because I can't do a regular backflip, but overjoyed? Yes, please.) when my lips didn't immediately light on fire caused by the heat radiating from his noggin.

    So now that we're through being sick, I'm ready to conquer the world* again.

    *Unless "conquering the world" involves some form of work...if it does, I'd rather sit on the love sac and catch up on really great tv.

    sick kid shun

    Our pediatrician's waiting room has 2 areas. 1 for "well kids" and 1 for "sick kids". There's a wall separating them.

    On our first visit the receptionist (who by the way, couldn't BELIEVE who got kicked off The Biggest Loser last night!) informed us that we were in the sickie area and should probably move if we didn't want our kid to die at just 3 days old. We moved. And have promptly planted ourselves in that area every visit since. Until this week.

    Although we were visiting Dr. Lady for just a regular 6 month checkup I made us sit in the sick kids side because Thomas was coughing and I didn't want to freak anyone out on the well kids side.

    This was our first experience on the (much larger) sickie side.

    There was no delightful Disney movie playing. There were no toys. Nobody smiles at you and asks how your old your baby is. Everyone who walks past gets as far from you as possible. And you can't overhear the receptionists conversations from that side.

    Josh was kinda bent that he didn't get to watch a show while we waited. I was kinda bent that we got shunned for sitting on the sickie side. Thomas was kinda bent that Nurse Man came after him with a very sharp and very pointy needle.

    I think they should install a middle ground and label it "Hey these people are diseased but they're real nice and you should talk to them anyway. Unshun." And they should give out candy and popsicles on that side.

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    long and lean

    I've been described as a lot of things, but never EVER long and lean.

    Thomas on the other hand....well, there's just no other way to describe a kid who's 26 inches long (80%) and a measly 14 pounds wide (8%).

    Yesterday we went to visit Dr. Lady. It made for quite the day.

    He's never had trouble with the shots before - but yesterday the fever spiked, the grouchiness set in, and we had a relatively miserable morning/afternoon.

    I held him, he cried.

    I put him down, he cried.

    I rocked him, he cried.

    I put him on his tummy, he cried.

    I put him on his back, he cried.

    He had toys, and cried.

    Food, and cried.

    Me, but he still cried.

    He wouldn't eat, sleep or play. And in my experience there's not much else a 6 month old does....

    In an act of sheer desperation I put him in his car seat (hoping he'd like it and fall asleep) and when he screamed I picked up the car seat which is when he stopped crying. JACKPOT!

    While fist pumping and victory dancing around my living room, I remembered that although the child is "long and lean" when added to the weight of a carseat and the awkwardity of the handle....well I'd better stop dancing and conserve my energy.

    I hauled him around the house like that for about 20 minutes.

    I'm tempted to go back to the Dr's office and weigh him again, because I'm pretty sure that between the time he was weighed at the office and the time I put him down he gained like 50 pounds. WHO'S LONG AND LEAN NOW SUCKAH?!?!  But I'm afraid he'll cry the second we walk in the door because he and I both know those people are only there to get him naked and make him cry.

    In other news, Dr. Lady said she didn't care that he still refuses to roll back to front. She also said I don't have to feed him meat until he's at least 9 months old. SCORE! And that he'll probably stop drinking so much formula soon.

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010


    What I should be doing is working. What I am doing is swearing at my computer.

    What I should have done is shower. What I did do was making a smoothie.

    What I should do later is grocery shopping. What I will do is nap.

    I think that somewhere there's a definition of integrity that has something to do with doing what you know you should.....I am not integrity.....or integretous......or an English major.

    When I'm 25 and one day, my husband drinks the last of the milk before my breakfast, my baby wakes up with a runny nose and I am suddenly as computer-stupid as I was in 2nd grade.


    Being old bites.

    Monday, April 12, 2010

    When I'm 25

    What's it like to be 25 you ask?

    For your listening pleasure while you read I give you.....The Beatles! [cheers erupt]

    When I'm 25 I get to sleep in until 7.

    When I'm 25 I can run a 5k in the morning. Granted it takes me 38 minutes.... but I can do it.

    When I'm 25 Josh doesn't go to work until 9. That's because he loves the 25-year-old me.

    When I'm 25 I eat Cafe Rio for lunch (with the ladies aka my mom and sisters). I call this "Rio con ladies" cuz it sounds like fun that way.

    When I'm 25 Thomas take 2 hour naps.

    When I'm 25 Josh says things like "wanna free massage tonight?" and I say things like "heck yes!" (because a tiny little part of me is still 17.)

    When I'm 25 Aundrea comes to visit, Jamie & Emily send packages and everybody I've ever met gives me birthday wishes on Facebook. Plus my mother in law makes cakes that look like this:

    When I'm 25 it rains because God knows I love the smell.

    When I'm 25 I look like this with the boys I love the most.

    Sunday, April 11, 2010

    Did you know?

    Did you know that I live 18 powdered mini donuts away from Walmart? Not that I measured or anything, but I also know I can fit 2 whole ones in my mouth at one time.

    Did you know that I almost always smile and nod (as if they can see my through the phone) when customer service asks if they can put me on hold? Then I say "yes thanks" as in "thanks for the lame music." "thanks for making me wait while you try to figure out what your company broke" "thanks for wasting my day and my minutes" "thanks for getting elevator music stuck in my head for the rest of the day" "thanks for the muscles you're building in my shoulders while I hold the phone to my ear with no hands". Yes customer service agent. Thank you for putting me on hold.

    Did you know that one woman had 69 children? Granted she was only pregnant 27 times. Yes, let's say that again, PREGNANT, twenty-seven times!!!! Wow. Plus, this was back in the day, so she didn't have an epidural or Unisom. Just sayin'.

    Did you know that I finally hung Thomas's quilt on the wall? Yep. He's 6 months old and I just got around to doing that.

    Did you know that out of love and consideration for you, Josh has quarantined himself? He didn't take his sniffling sneezing coughing self to church today. You're welcome. Also this means I went to 3 whole hours of church without setting foot in the restroom. This is the first time in the 6 months Thomas has been "out" plus the 9 months he was "in". It is a big deal.

    Did you know that Thomas thinks that "please" "thank you" and "excuse me" are the funniest words ever? He sneezed in the bath tub and I reminded him to "say excuse me" and he LAUGHED like it was the most hysterical thing he'd ever heard (which very well may be the case....most of what he hears comes from me...). Here's hoping he doesn't think manners are funny once he can actually talk.

    Saturday, April 10, 2010

    Just so you know...

    I shave my legs every day.


    I have a sad sad life. One that involves entirely too many razors refills, too many minutes in the shower, and too few pairs of lounge pants.

    Who knew so many of you don't shave their legs every day. I thought it was a totally normal thing. It sorta makes me wonder what else I'm wasting my time with....what else don't you do every day? (please don't say brush your teeth, or I will vomit and you know you'll have to read about it later....)

    And for the record I hate Celine Dion's music. In the words of my oh-so-adorable friend Malorie "Her music makes me want to punch a baby." Only I've never actually punched a baby, so I don't know if I'd really like it.

    But she has been the sole cause of more than one screaming match which may or may not have included the phrase "Josh, you had better turn it off or I swear I'll jump out of this moving vehicle right! NOW!!!!!"

    Also for the record (Is anyone actually keeping record? What if we get to heaven and The Book Of Life only has things that I specifically wanted "on the record"..... just in case that's true for the record I love my family, especially Josh, and one time I gave $5 to that homeless guy on the corner of Temple Square with the unusually large forearms. He's been on that corner since I moved to Salt Lake 6 years ago. I guess my $5 didn't really help.....) I've never jumped out of a moving vehicle.

    Friday, April 9, 2010

    Thomas: 6 months

    Thomas is the one who still thinks his toes are the coolest thing ever.

    All these toys around, and what's hanging on to? Toes.

    The one who wants to eat the camera.

    The one who folds in half on demand.
    The one who smiles biggest at lunch time.

    The one who is barely shorter (when sitting) than the tower of cups.

    The one who makes as many dumb faces as I do.

    The one who lets me know when we're finished with the pictures.

    He's also the one who reminds us just how lucky we are. Because when you wake up to this every morning, how can you say you're anything but lucky?

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    3 truths and a lie

    I shave my legs every single day.

    I love Celine Dion.

    I hate that ctrl shift + makes the text bigger.

    I secretly want to do a teeny-tiny-baby triathlon.

    Tuesday, April 6, 2010

    Imported Chocolates

    These adorable chocolate popsicles are imported from Logan. My sister in law made them, then just because she's freakin' cool she gave them to me. Delivered them to my living room and everything.

    Problem is that they're too cute to eat....I want to display them instead.

    One thing I love about Josh....

    One thing I love about Josh is that sometimes he hides the Easter candy bowl from me as a direct result of watching me eat everything I could find yesterday.

    Good husband.....


    Sunday, April 4, 2010

    Getting nervous

    I feel like something hard is about to happen to us.

    That's because I read the Ensign last month and just skimmed the "how to endure a really sucky life" articles while thinking to myself "actually, my life doesn't really suck right now.... I'm gonna read something else."

    If that isn't asking for it, I don't know what is.

    Did you know?

    Did you know that paper towels start on rolls that are 16 feet long and weigh 16,000 pounds?

    Did you know that today's box of Puff's Plus has the boy scout symbol on it? Weird.Tomorrow's probably doesn't.

    Did you know that although Josh and I purchased exactly zero Easter presents for our child, he came away with 2 Easter baskets? That's because he has grandmothers who love him. Lucky kid. Meanwhile we have 2.5 dozen eggs in our fridge and more candy than we'll eat before Halloween. SPOI-LED.

    Did you know that my sister ran a marathon with a needle in her foot? True story.

    Did you know that I won?! This is a first for me, so I had to share. I'm sure you'll hear all about how much faster I am will my cool kids running shirt.

    Did you know that Josh secretly plays racquetball? He's not hardcore or anything, but he really likes it and is always trying to force people to play with him. And by "people" I mean "me". And by "play" I mean "stand in the death trap they call a court dodging the bullet ball with a racket shielding my face". Fortunately we had a baby and he's bigger than that little hole in the wall you put your cell phones in. I always knew I wanted to be a mother.

    Did you know that my mom is gonna run the 5k with me? That's because of how nice she is. Also she'll probably pretend she really can't run faster than I can just so I don't have to be embarrassed by being passed up by an almost 60 year old. She's really nice.

    Did you know my mom is almost 60? Whoa.

    Did you know that I will be purchasing my first box of diapers this week? That bites.

    Friday, April 2, 2010

    Easter Eggs

    Today we colored easter eggs. The reasons this was significant are as follows:

    1) I did not boycott the holiday or spend it being lame. But I do claim to be an "egg dye purist" as in I did NOT buy glitter, stickers, or even get out the crayons. Yes, I know that makes me a little lame, but I can still get away with that because my child was busy during the entire event.

    2) Josh insisted on making his signature poo colored egg. 

    3) Did you notice that Thomas fed himself while we dyed eggs? That's what we call significant.
    4) Thomas' medicine dropper was used for the first time in more than a month.

    5) We took a family picture WITH the decorated eggs. This is what we call "Reilley-style"

    We call it "Reilley-style" because every Easter picture with Josh's family must include the eggs. Josh's grandma boils 1 dozen eggs FOR EVERY PERSON to decorate. She's an overachiever.

    So there you have it. A significant holiday experience in the Egbert family. 

    *Yes I know there are only 11 eggs, and what self-respecting crazy-person admits to only decorating 11 eggs when that number is divisible neither by 2 nor 3? One of them cracked. Josh ate it before we dyed them. That egg is not pictured. You're welcome.

    Thursday, April 1, 2010

    Can you see it?

    It's like he's trying to grow. And tomorrow his arm might be long enough to reach the sucker.

    He must be trying.

    To go from this:

    to this:

    In just 6 months is just plain unreasonable.

    Minute To Win It

    Have you seen this show?

    In support of my new year's resolution to form a permanent butt print on my couch, I watched this yesterday.

    They made this show so that those of us with no real talents to speak of, and not even the ability to research and retain useless trivia could still have a chance at a million dollars.

    I'm not sure how many times I asked Josh if he'd "try that so I can see if it's really hard or not" during the show....but that's only because my brain was a bit foggy after being filled with the What Not To Wear marathon and I couldn't count higher than 10 without getting my toes out from under the covers (which is an unreasonable request).

    So here's what I want to know. Are you in training to show off your stupid human tricks? Which ones have you tried? And is "Don't Blow the Joker" even possible?

    I'll just tell you right now that I will never go on that show, because 60 seconds is entirely too long for a close up of my mouth. Not even for a million dollars.
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