All About Amy

OK really the whole blog is about me, so I'm gonna be brief (ha ha ha ha! if you bought that I have beach front property.........).

Resume: I went to school. I got good grades. I eventually landed my dream job at the Church Office Building. Then I landed my MUCH more glamorous and dreamiER job changing diapers, naming body parts, singing and dancing on command and sucking snot even though I hate it and Josh promised he's handle snot (and poop!) if I'd handle vomit. 

Likes: I like to be outside, walking, hiking, camping, driving, laying on the lawn, or swimming at the pool (which is only open in the summertime). However, I have been known to not leave the house for a whole week as evidenced by the fact that the carseat hasn't moved. And I'm OK with that.

Did: Make dinner 4 nights in a row once.

Skills: I can make a 3 leaf clover out of my tongue.

Most important: While I'm not a perfect mom I am the "perfect for Thomas & John" mom and there is nobody on this planet better suited to be his mother. For that, I am eternally grateful. Also at any given moment I have at least 4 kinds of candy in my cupboard. You should  be friends with me.

Looks: If I had a glamor shot I'd put it here because yes, I am that vain. I don't have a glamor shot because I'm not glamorous. So to answer the question you're all asking "how did she get that good lookin' guy (see his About Me page) to marry her?" I unveil my "you love me" face from the same pretzel run.

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