Monday, February 28, 2011

Will he always?

When extraordinarily talented people talk about their childhood, they remember the things they've "always" done.  Or better yet, their parents remember.

"He was only 2 years old, but he sang the life out of those ABCs. I always knew he had a musical gift."
"I never taught her how to paint, she was born knowing what to do."

Those of us who are average probably don't remember how well we sang the ABCs or how well we painted, but I've often wondered about the ways I haven't changed since I was a little girl.

Josh's step-mom remembers Josh wiping his mouth with his napkin after every bite. While I rarely see Josh with a napkin, he is definitely not one of those people you're constantly telling that "you've got something right .... there...." while making the gesture. You know the one. He's still a very neat eater.

One of the best parts of being a mom is that instead of wondering what I did as a kid, now I get to wonder what Tommy will do when he grows up.

In 25 years will I be telling his wife about how "he has always held the spoon way too far up on the handle" or "he's been making that exact face since he was a year old" (the one where he tilts his head down and looks up at you - peeking out from under his own eyebrows) or maybe even "that kid has always loved the remote....sorry about that".

Of course there are some things that I sincerely hope will go, like eating oatmeal with his fingers, picking his nose, and the belly-button obsession (adorable on a child, creepy on an old man).

But many many more which I hope are here to stay. The love of music, the willingness to try any food, the smile (oh, that smile!), the looking out the window, the giggles, the ankle-crossing, the constant desire to read a book.

I love this boy. So much that it hurts. I can hardly wait to see what is here to stay with this kid.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The One Where Mom Turns 60

The girls worked and slaved over the decorations.

Sarah sets the table.

Wendy brings in more of the good stuff she made.

Katy cooks all the tasty things.
 Meanwhile......the boys sat around.
Josh & Nate lounging.
We had a lovely lunch

And we made people guess how many of those things were in these jars.
Those candies in these jars.
Everything was simply lovely and we all had a great time. Here's my mom's new hat. She said she didn't plan to wear it to church today - a cryin' shame.

I think my favorite part though was earlier this month when we all (her kids) made a memory book on snapfish. That book is amazing, and mom really loved it. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A teeny tiny piece of my day

Thursday is officially pajama day at our house.

Josh goes to do his clinical hours in the wee hours of the morning (much less ugly than "the butt-crack of dawn" right?) and Tommy and I sleep in. Mostly. Tommy starts babbling to himself around 6:30 or 7:00, and I love to count that extra time as sleeping in.

The thing about sleeping in, is that I don't really feel like I get a chance to shower and get ready because when Tommy naps I work, when I turn on a show for him, he wanders through the house looking for me.

Lifting toilet lids - nope, no mama in there!
Opening closet doors - nope, no mama in there!
Checking under the bed - nope, no mama in there!
And pulling back shower curtains - there she is!!!

This routine takes roughly 30 seconds and while I am a very quick shower-er, I take more than 30 seconds now that I wash my hair properly. Also I don't really like to have an audience while I shower. Nor do I like the banging on the bathroom door and screaming that happen when I lock him out.

So Thursday is pajama day.

That why Tommy was still in his jammies this afternoon when I realized how soggy his diaper was. So I unzipped the front of his footie jammies exposing the world's most adorable bare naked chest and gut, and removed the soggy diaper.

I walked down the hall to his room to toss the wet one and grab a dry one and when I came back out into the living room, there was Tommy, standing unzipped in the middle of the living room pushing his tummy out waiting for me. As soon as I was in his line of sight he peed. Right there in the middle of the living room floor.

I know, it's my own fault for leaving his nakeds out for so long.

I tried not to but I laughed out loud at him while he stood there peeing on my carpet. I think that's not how you're supposed to react to such appalling behavior and lack of manners, but some moments are just too funny to keep it in.

All the Naked Babies!!!

All the Naked Babies!!!

Sometimes we sing songs by Beyonce about our babies. But it's OK because chipmunks also sing those songs.

Games People Play

One of the highlights of the annual trip to Midway is the constant gaming.

Someone is always playing something, and if they're not it's because it's your turn to pick the game and they're waiting on you.

Sometimes the game is "snap the M&M out of my hand!"
Sarah feeding Tommy.

The Dr.'s office toy was a big hit- I promise he's happier than he looks. Just stunned by the incessant flashing of the camera.

And sometimes "we're playing house. This is the bed - we gotta get some sleep because we're extra tired today."

Randy, Tyler, Ryann

Other times (and more often) the game is "belly flop on the mostly deflated air mattress!"

 But most often it's a full-blown "jumping contest on the mostly deflated air mattress!"

Other people prefer the less-physical game of "where's your belly button?"

But then they get bored and decide that a little "king of the mountain" is in order.
Tyler and Logan

When the limbs freeze, it's time for this game that has to do with an elephant ride, but I can't remember what it's called. Anybody? Anybody?
Ty-guy and Ry swinging Lucy

Of course the adults play regular old boring card games.
Lucy, Kate, Rand

with babies on their laps.
Amy, Josh, Tommy

and snacks in their mouths.
Clint and Sarah

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Turkey Tracks

On any given morning in Midway, there are turkey tracks in the snow.

Turkey Tracks
More Turkey Tracks
More Turkey

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear Cameron,

Remember how you used to get off the freeway one exit early and re-routed the ride home to pass the Ferrari store just so you could drool over the cars in the showroom as we drove by?

That's why I had to take a picture of this sweet car when it pulled up in front of me while I was pumping gas.

You're welcome.


snow day

This time of year there are two kinds of people. Those who leave this miserable place for bluer skies and warmer days, and those who bundle up the babies and head for snow worth playing in. 

We are the latter.

(cousins) Thomas, Lucy, Taege

Taege, snowflake, Lucy

I swear to you, we did not pose her for this picture.
Tommy and the enormous snowman.
Which was really hardly taller than he was.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Measuring my day

I think instead of measuring the day in hours or minutes or time, I'm going to start measuring in diaper changes, wardrobe changes, showers, baths and episodes of Bones watched. And instead of seconds I could just count how many times I say the phrase "Stop pushing me around you bossy little boy!!!"

Today it's 4 diaper changes, 2 showers, 2 wardrobe changes (for 2 bodies), 1 bath, and like 3 episodes of Bones. And it's only 2pm.

Remind me why I said "sure honey, I'll be more than supportive while you're in school again." again? Bedtime cannot get here fast enough.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tommy tricks

Yesterday's Game of the Day:

Where's your button? Where'd it go?

There it is!!!!

Don't you wish you could hang out with us all day?

Day 30 - Me and Good Times

Day 30 - A photo of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past.

I know what you're thinking - did I dress up just for this photo? No. I did not. I dressed up for a trip to the temple. Thanks for asking.

As for the good things, that's hard because if I only pick 3 from my whole life, then I feel like they have to be the MOST good and that's intimidating. (Getting married, finding out we were pregnant, having that baby - oh, turns out it wasn't intimidating or even very hard. Oh well.) So instead I'm doing 3 good things from the past.....week.

  1. Flowers. I got some. I love them.
  2. Rocking the cleaning schedule every freakin' day. My whole house is NEVER clean (because I only do a little every day) but it's also always at least a little bit clean. If I'm being honest, that's improvement.
  3. Dinner at Josh's mom's. It's always fun to hang out with the family, and it was particularly nice to chat with mom and sister-in-law. Not many people have in-laws as great as mine.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 29 - One Bucket Item

Day 29 - A picture of something you want to do before you die. 

Ha! Just kidding! I'm curious. Did you actually believe me? 

If you did believe that, you should know that I start to panic when I get more than 1 rung up on a ladder. I'm not kidding. I'm terrified of heights. Terrified.

Now, back to real life.

OK the scuba diving thing is for real. 

I like this because it's actually possible in real life, also because it requires me to GO somewhere. I'd really love to travel the world, but even if I don't, I still want to travel the ocean.

Heart-Shaped Pizza in the Candelight

It was a holiday - so Josh swore he'd come home in time for dinner. 

I won't lie, I was stressing out pretty bad just before he got home. When the pizza only had 5 minutes left, I had no side dishes, no table setting, Bubbah's toys all over the living room the whole house was a disaster. Miraculously everything was totally ready by the time Josh walked through the door 10 minutes later. 

I made heart-shaped pizza which turned out better than I expected - minus the bulge on the right side..... Exhibit A:

Amy's Heart-shaped pizza
 Josh brought me flowers over the weekend, and the candles made it feel like a much fancier meal than it was.

I should've taken more pictures - but I was busy enjoying my family so I'm not sorry. What you should know is that we were all extraordinarily beautiful and fancy and in love.

After dinner we had Family Home Evening about love. Before dinner we had a dance party, friends come over, we ate heart shaped pancakes and a party all day long.

What I thought was going to be a totally rotten day, turned into a lovely happy day.

I love it when that happens.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Explanation (or two)

Were you sitting in the back of the chapel at our church yesterday? Did you notice that Josh and Tommy were sitting in the pew behind me while I unknowingly sat alone right in front of them? Well it wasn't because we were in a fight. OK? Here's why.

Josh had to work and came late Sacrament Meeting, he looked for me but couldn't see me, because I was cleverly disguised as lonely old lady with adorable new shoes.

He came in and sat down right behind me. Apparently he'd been sitting there for 10 minutes before he realized that was my head he couldn't see around and came to join me. Aren't you relieved? Me too.


Were you in the distribution center in Bountiful on Saturday (or anywhere within a mile radius)? Did you smell a man and look around only to see an overweight 20-something year old woman with a baby on her hip? Did you wonder why that baby boy/lady smelled like a 17 year old boy after gym class? (I don't know about the 17 year old boys you knew, but the ones I knew drowned themselves in cologne after gym...because you know - showering takes too long.) It's not because we sit by a cute girl in 3rd period Math class and wanted to impress her with our cologne. Here's why.

Today is Valentine's Day. I was trying to find an acceptable present for Josh. I thought some new cologne would be great - so I went on a search. 15 minutes and 24 test bottles of cologne later I realized that they had nothing that smelled good enough. And THEN I went out to finish the rest of my errands. Smelling like a man. A sick-nasty cologne-soaked man. *sigh*


It was downright balmy outside today - minus the wind. Wind is not balmy. That's why I opened the windows. And the blinds. Pulled them all the way up. Because when it's that beautiful outside, you HAVE to or the police will come after you. I know it.

But now it's dark outside, and the blinds on our bedroom are permanently stuck up.

Josh has spent the last 30 minutes wrestling with them.

Now they are permanently stuck down.

I think the universe is mocking me for buying new shoes by throwing a legitimate expense in my face. Stupid universe.

Day 28 - Hopes, Dreams & Plans

Day 28 - Your hopes, dreams, plans for the next 365 days.

My family grows together.
Josh keeps loving school.
Tommy learns to love nursery (and other strangers). I'm really hoping for him to just love nursery from the beginning, but that seems like a long-shot, so I'll take "learning to love it".
"The Market" corrects itself and homes for sale in our neighborhood finally start to MOVE.
I learn to be a nicer person. Stop saying mean things and treat people better.

We win the lottery, Josh miraculously graduates early, lands his dream job and our lives are filled with love and babies. Also, someone who lives in an actual house (in my neighborhood) decides they hate it because they don't like to dust so much and they hate mowing the lawn, and they'd like to trade us straight across for our tiny little 2-bedroom townhome. Also, since we won the lottery I can afford to pay someone to decorate my house. And I. Will. Love it!

To run a significant race.
To attend the temple a lot. (There's a specific number in my head and on the wall, but I'm too chicken to blog it.)
To bike a big ride. Something more than 30 miles.
To keep making good friends in the neighborhood. The more people I get to know here, the more I love being here. I live around some totally awesome people.
To read a lotta books.
To clean all the things you're supposed to clean "once in a while" more often than "we've lived here 3 years and never done that."

A Tea Party

If you got an invitation to a Valentine's Tea Party that was an hour-and-a-half away and openly stated that "there will be no tea, and more importantly no tea cups" you'd probably think it was a waste of time. 

But that's only because you don't know Wendy.

Meet Wendy.

When Wendy invites you to share a meal with her, you accept. Period. You are guaranteed gourmet food, good company and an all-around lovely afternoon. And who doesn't need more lovely in their afternoon? 

The place settings. Please notice the cupcakes (on cupcake stands) and the fancy-pants goblets from which we sipped fancy-pants lemonade.

The best Tomato Soup I've ever tasted. Should I post the recipe?
A grilled cheese sandwich might be boring, but heart shaped goodness? Yes please.

Fresh fruit.

My home-made gumball necklace. 

And cupcakes with the world's yummiest frosting on top.

My little brother is a genius for marrying this girl. Just might be the smartest thing he ever did. 

Also? Happy Valentine's Day. 

I hope you have someone to love today. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 27 - A Very Important Person

Day 27 - A photo of someone you could never imagine your life without.

I know it's corny, but it's not like we're a perfect couple who is always desperately in love with each other - so I'm allowed to be corny every now and again. Besides, the truth is, that ups and downs, good times and bad, I really don't know what my life would be without Josh. And although there is photographic evidence to support the fact that I existed before I knew him, it's hard to remember what life was like. I hate to think of a future without him in it. That's the truth.

Us on the cruise to Ensanada.

Us being dorks at Memory Grove

The golf cart Josh drove ON. THE. FREEWAY. IN MEXICO. Listen, we might not know each other that well, but I'm guessing you know me well enough to know how well that went over.

Us in our living room tonight. Mascara smudges under my eyes and all.

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