Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Music To My Ears

First, let me set the stage:
[The very quiet sounds of Tommy stirring echo through my silent house as the sun starts to peek through the windows.]
[Or maybe the "echo" was because I have 2 monitors in my 1200 sq ft house....whatever, Tommy was quietly stirring, we heard it in surround sound, that's the point.]

Josh: "Can I go get my boy? Please?"
Me: "Uhhh, just to be clear, you're asking for permission to go in there and change the overnight diaper and get him up and ready for breakfast?"
Josh: "Yes. I didn't get to see him yet this week."
Me: "Knock yourself out."

[Now the sounds of the doorknob squeaking and Josh sneaking into Tommy's room "echo" through the house.]

Josh: "There's my boy!"
Tommy: Smiles. I can hear it. He smiled.
Josh: "Whoa - you got some snot-boogers in there dude?"
Tommy: Frowns. I can hear it. He frowned.
Josh: "Where's that sucker thing?"

[silence while Josh gears up for the battle]

Tommy: SCREAMING! You can barely hear the snot sucker over the screams.

You wanna know why it's music to my ears? Because (for once) I'm not the one causing the screaming.


  1. ha ha ha! I know exactly what you are saying. It is great when it isn't ME causing the screaming.

  2. Very funny.:-) It's great to have a partner in life whom can help you with your children once in a while; and it's even great if you're not the one causing them to scream or cry, for once.:-)


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