Friday, January 28, 2011


Bubbah's sick today. Sniffling sneezing coughing sick. Poor baby-sweetheart sounds miserable.

So I sit here with the baby monitor on. That way I can tell if he actually loses a lung to the coughing.

And since he's quietly moaning himself to sleep in his room, I'm sitting in my office chair rocking him to sleep.

Side to side, side to side, breathing as steadily as I know how (I'd hate to wake him with my irregular breathing) and realizing every now and again that he isn't actually in my arms.

I think this "mom" thing is really becoming instinct.


  1. I always hated it when my girls were sick. Get well soon!

  2. hilarious! i catch myself way too often rocking or bouncing when i stand in place. it's really embarrassing when i know other people caught on too.
    glad to know i'm normal.


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