Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back to School

Josh does not love school.

You'd think so, but you'd be wrong. He doesn't. It's hard for him. He doesn't get high on supplies and syllabuses. He doesn't have a "cracking of the spine" ceremony for his new books. He hates the tests and homework and teachers. But he's willing to do school anyway, because he likes learning and he really likes the idea that he'll have a marketable skill at the end of it.

But last night the kid came home with 3 new 3" binders, dividers, sticky notes, highlighters and a couple reams of paper. He spent 3 solid hours printing off the material he'll need to follow along in class this week. He organized it all and put it where it goes and told me all about the stuff he'll be doing this semester. He read his textbook (because he thought it was interesting) and studied WAY past his normal bedtime. This semester? He's excited. He's motivated. He's high on school. He's!

It's going to be a rough semester, but his sudden burst of motivation and interest just might carry all of us through it. It's only day 3, but I today have high hopes.


  1. I think the thing I miss most about school is the "office supplies". I love it when the husband is happy and excited about the semester!


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