Friday, January 28, 2011

cheap thrills

Josh had a work meeting he stayed home for on Wednesday morning. Tommy was about to go down for a nap, so he (Josh) said the magic phrase. "Would it help if I stay home with sleeping-Tommy and you go to the grocery store?"

I jumped up from my computer and ran into the bathroom to get ready before he changed his mind.

While I walked down the laundry detergent aisle taking my time smelling all the kinds of soap, I realized exactly what my life has become.

The thrill of my week was grocery shopping by myself so I could smell laundry detergent. Seriously.

Later that day I picked crusty peas out of the carpet from dinner who knows how many days ago.

I used to joke that leaving my office job wouldn't be that big of an adjustment, I'd just be babysitting a different age of boy.

In the office I'd get excited for field trips where I got to see real plants instead of pictures of plants on my screen saver. I'd put stickers on papers so the men I supported knew where they were to sign. I stuffed envelopes and sorted mail. I helped people get their papers shredded. I typed things people said so other people would know they said it. I listened to people whine about "the smell on this floor". And I frequently took care of "we're out of toilet paper" emergencies.

At home I get excited for field trips to the grocery store. I put stickers on my baby's fingers because he giggles while trying to remove them. I open junk mail and help Tommy tear it to pieces. I write down the things he says (does) because someday he'll need to remember how cute he was. I listen to him whine, and do my own share of whining about "the smell in that room" and toilet paper emergencies are a daily occurrence in our home.

See? Not that different.

But never ever did I pick crusty peas out of the carpet at my office.

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  1. You, my friend, have just made my case for why I need more than those things at work. I've been there, and done that! My children grew up and went on to new and exciting and--well--DIFFERENT things. I just didn't.

    Thank you for clarifying that for me.


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