Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 2: Songs I Love

Day 2: Your favorite song.

It's not fair to say "favorite". Especially not about kids or music or books.

So knowing that, here are a few songs I absolutely love. Love love LOVE. But they are not my favorites because I don't have any.

Yes, I know. Veggie Tales. But it's just so dang funny! Cucumber dancing around in a towel? Genius.

And most things by Mat Kearney make me smile. Because oooh....I just love him.

And if it's snowing (or July...whatever) this Christmas song by BNL.

And if I'm in a summertime, windows down, outdoor acoustic concert kind of mood, Jack Johnson fits the bill.

There's just so much good music and so little time to listen to it all. Meh, take a minute and listen, you're welcome.


  1. I love veggie tales silly songs.....just ask Matt ;0)

  2. I can't listen to them because Jared stole the pictures to this computer and I'm too lazy to plug headphones in, but I am now blaming you for Blue Christmas being stuck in my head. Just so you know. :)

  3. Remember "Good morning, George"? Well, now I work daily and right next to Georges. And it is ALL. YOUR. FAULT. that that silly song gets stuck in my head. And I refuse to try to YouTube it, because I don't want to know all the rest of the words.

    Of course, maybe if I knew the whole song, I could just sing the whole dang thing and get it out of my head!


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