Friday, January 14, 2011

Cubies: A CSN Review

Remember how I got to do a CSN Review?

Well here's what I picked.

They're called cubies and I really like them.

The wall above my bed has been empty since the day we moved in. (And in the house we lived in before this one, and the place before that....) That's because I have issues. Some of those issues have to do with my lack of ability to decorate. Others have to do with my inability to spend money on stuff you look at - but not really because who sits and looks at the wall above their bed anyway? Also my husband's inability to spend money period. Also my inability to commit to looking at one thing for the rest of my life.

So, I picked these because they were 1) Free 2) totally changeable (for when I get sick of what's in there) and 3) built-in cuteness.

I ordered them just before Christmas, they came just after Christmas. They got here fast in great shape and I love them!

Dear CSN,
I love my cubies. I also had a good experience with the company in general and I would totally order from you again - if you had what I was looking for.
Thanks, Amy


  1. Those are cute!! I want some now. Good pick!!

  2. I think that all of the reasons you listed for not having anything above your bed are exactly the same reasons I have for having such a lamely decorated house, especially the money one. Free is good though. I can decorate for free, but it may not always look good.


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