Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Creation or Evolution?

OK I am taking the coolest class on the planet. It's Pearl of Great Price and Brother Douglas and Brother Wilcox team teach it, which is pretty rad. Last night we were talking about the creation and evolution and the church's stand and all that. We talked about Christ creating other worlds and him being the savior for other worlds. I had a couple of interesting thoughts and realizations.

1. If Christ (under the direction of Heavenly Father) created other (not necessarily all, but some other) worlds and

2. Christ was the Savior for other worlds.

Was he born, lived on, and died on these other worlds? We talked a little bit about how his atonement is infinite, and that should mean there would only need to be ONE atonement. But, if that's the case, did he atone for people on other worlds without living among them first? Part of what makes the atonement so personal (for me) is that he lived here, he understands, he experienced everything that I have. If other worlds have different laws, would he then have to go to those worlds to have the experiences associated with them? And how important is the relationship between the "creator" and "savior" what really is one without the other. Would someone be willing to make that kind of sacrifice for something that was not theirs in the same way that someone is yours when you create it. I was thinking of how much more I care about the things that are mine, the things I make, care for, and understand. Just like parents love their own kids in a different way than they love other people's kids. It would seem that the amount of love shown by the atonement, would have to be achieved through creation.

We also talked about why a creation was necessary.

One person talked about how he couldn't have "tested us" in his backyard because it would have been too painful - they then referenced a general authority as saying that during the crucifixion Heavenly Father turned his head away in the farthest corner of the universe because it was so painful. The person quoting it in class said it was in Jesus the Christ, then my mom said it was Melvin J. Ballard in a talk about a dream he had. So, if anyone knows where I can find that, I wanna read the rest of that story.

Another person pointed out that it is against God's perfect nature to have imperfection in his "backyard" so to speak. If we were going to make mistakes, we needed to do it away from him. It thought of how we put muddy kids outside, and make them play in playpens. It's funny to think of our Heavenly Father sitting in the "home teaching room" of his house and saying "don't bring those muddy feet in my clean room! If you're gonna make a mess, do it outside!" (Not in an impatient way, of course, but in a kind loving, respectful way.)

Someone else pointed out that the veil is important and I kept thinking that we very well could be in his back yard for all we know. We certainly feel his presence with us at times, and there's no good reason that this earth isn't right next door so to speak. We just don't see it. And that's the whole point. The veil is the important part of that.

Another good thing I learned was that general authorities don't always agree. We read about how Talmage and Joseph Feilding Smith had VERY differing views of evolution and they made it very clear that they weren't on the same page. And it turns out that they're both still really good people. That was a good click moment for me. Not all people who are "good and righteous" agree on everything. It's OK that we disagree and have different perspective.

My teacher also quoted something that I've heard before about "when are the words of our leaders counted as scripture" and how not everything a GA or even the prophet says is hard doctrine or scripture. It's only when they've been moved upon by the spirit to say what they are saying. I can't remember where that came from, so if you know about that one too, I'd love to know that source - my mom didn't know what I was talking about (which shocked me!) so I'd love to show it to her.

Most of all I'm glad that I get to go to class and to learn more. I'm glad to live in a place where that's so easy. Yay for Utah!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

vacation? or not!

So much for vacation, that's all I have to say. I feel a little jipped, and it's my own fault, which is the worst part!

On Friday I was SOO excited and ready to go because Josh didn't have school (yay!) and we had 3 whole DAYS to be together, which is SOOO exciting! So, I planned to leave work at like 3:30 - 4:00 at the latest, so much for that. I was here until 6:30. Josh called just before 4:00 and told me he had run out of gas, which kinda makes me laugh, and could I come get him, I told him I could leave in half an hour (too much to do, too little time) and he said not to bother then cuz he wasn't that far from home and he'd just walk. I was still trying to get out of here as soon as possible, but that didn't happen until 6:00. One thing after another, EVERYTHING had to be done before the long weekend, stress, stress stress. I finally left and then still had to go the bank, but I had to go to the wrong one because it was so late, and that took FOREVER! I finally made it home and Josh was tired and bored and didn't really care what we did. But, neither of us felt like packing up and camping, so we didn't.

Saturday we slept in, played ninentdo (I figured out how to use all of Yoshi's powers and TOTALLY beat Josh. Secretly I think he let me, but he didn't say he did and I'm just proud I beat him.) and went to see a movie. Shrek was pretty funny, but we REALLY wanted to see Pirates, so we bought our tickets early and at Jordan Commons (they should give me free tickets for all the advertising I do for them) they have this new thing where you can reserve your seats so you don't have to get there 10 years early to get seats. I really think that is on my list of top 10 inventions of all time. :) So, we saw Pirates Monday morning (I highly recommend re-watching the 2nd one immediately before the 3rd, cuz I was TOTALLY lost through the whole thing. It was still cool though), Shrek Saturday afternoon, and didn't do much else. It was just a long weekend and we're both still tired and Josh is sick. So yay for vacation, right? Or something like that.

One fun thing was that we went to my parents' ward. Someone called Josh and asked if he would teach Sunday School and we still didn't know what we were going to do, so he said we wouldnt' be here, so we had to find another ward to go to so we wouldn't be lying. (sinful!) :) it's always fun to hang out with my parents. LOL. We even went on a walk, and Randy made no-bake cookies. Mmmm.....cookies...... I ate a LOT of BAD things this weekend, but oh man! I enjoyed it!!!

We also went to Ikea with Jamie & Cameron, that was fun. They have TONS of stuff in that store! I'm pretty sure I wanted to buy most of things we saw, and Josh REALLY was ready to go home the whole time. I'm still learning that there are some things I shouldn't make him come do with me i.e. scrapbook stuff, furniture, fabric, etc. I still had fun, but I felt a little guilty for making him go. I probably won't do that again and just go with Jamie cuz it's more fun that way. :)

All in all it was a good break from life, but I just didn't feel like we did anything that great, you know? I hate it when stuff like that happens. And now this week is gonna be an interesting one...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It has begun

It's Wednesday, that means 3 days into this massage school thing. I was really surprised at how lonely I got without him here. Monday he didn't even get home until 11 at night, which is later than we usually go to bed, so I was really feeling it. You know? I sat and watched tv, did laundry, did pilates, made dinner, did dishes, and then still had 2 hours to kill. Until about 9:30 I was all excited about him coming home and couldn't wait to see him, then I just kept getting sadder and sadder until he got home. I just missed him. And I felt left out. Like he gets to do this big, exciting, adventurous thing and I'm at home watching "The Bachelor" and wishing he was here to tell me to quit watching such stupid TV shows and play super-smash brothers with him. :) It's funny the things you miss. I just love him, that's all. Last night was better, and I expect tonight to be better too. I think eventually I'll get good at being alone, but for now I just don't like the silence, boredom, and lonliness.

Last night I started my Institute class, which I am really exccited about! Brother Wilcox teaches a Pearl of Great Price class on Tuesday nights, which willl be rad! I haven't studied the Pearl of Great Price since before I got married, so I'm excited to re-learn it. The best part was that last night Matt Harvey stuck his head in the class. He was on student council at the BC with me and I love that man to death, I was SOOO excited to see him! I made him stay for class, and we talked through class and after class. He really is one of my favorite people and I was glad to see him there, he's a good guy.

Work has been nuts lately and today it all kindof climaxed for me and Kim. We both have SOO much to do, and I think she's going to fire Kirby because he can't do what she needs him to, and I'm still not sure what my position will be in the company, but we might be back to putting me in Accounting. I'm not sure exactly what will happen, or even what I want to happen, but I am excited for whatever it is. I know it'll be good no matter what. This is my putting my job on my faith shelf. :) Josh's sister, Misty, taught me that phrase and I LOVE IT! It seems like I run inito plenty of things that I just need to put on my faith shelf, and trust that it willl work out, so I'm glad that my shelf now has a name. LOL

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Good weekend

So this weekend was...well pretty dang good. Earlier in the week Jamie & Cameron had asked us if we wanted to go hiking in Marysville (middle of nowhere) Utah, and we politely declined because we wanted to go camping again before Josh starts massage school (Monday). So, all week we had kinda planned on going camping on Friday night. On Friday at work I was talking to Katy (my older sister) who was bored at the time, so I told her she should come with us. She kinda said she might want to, but she wasn't sure cuz her husband had to work Saturday morning, etc. etc. etc. Anyway, we decided we'd go camping in AF canyon in case they wanted to come with us. So, I had a CRAZY day at work and didn't leave until a little after 4:00, when I had intended to leave at 3:30. So, it was busy and crazy at work, but I finally made it home and Josh was only a little mad at me for being so late. On our way we went to Big 5 to get paintballs for his blow gun, and they didn't have any. I now officially am NOT in love with Big 5. Instead we stopped at Cabella's on our way, and I now AM officially in love with Cabella's. That is a REALLY cool shooting/camping/outside store. We got paintballs and a couple of other things and headed up the mountain. We went to a campsite, which was full, and decided to camp in a "picnic area" which you're not supposed to do apparently. The sherriff told us so. Mom & Dad & Kate & Rand all came up, bearing guitars, we ate banana boats, sang around the campfire and had a grand ol' time. It was actually really fun. Josh hasn't ever been camping with Fugals, and he really enjoyed the singing etc. He fell asleep in my lap while we sang, and he told me that he likes being sung to sleep, that was kinda fun. He's cute. In the morning the park ranger cam and told us it was illegal to be there, and then we made breakfast (we're good at cooking during camping). And went on a little tiny hike, only it was up a really steep hill and I'm a pansy, so I made us come down a long time before Josh would have liked too.
Anyway, we got home, planted our garden (yes including grape tomatos Emily!) and cleaned up and I decided to get my hair cut. It was long and I needed to get it cut. So, I went to the place I usually go to, they're the ones that made me BLONDE when I wanted highlights, you'd think I'd learn.... I told the lady it was too long and I wanted the same style, layers & junk just shorter, about at my shoulders. Well, I came home and here I am!
Wow huh! They cut it all off, pretty scary if you ask me. Josh doesn't like it, but he's trying to be nice and not tell me I have ugly hair. Fortunately it will grow. :) After the haircut, we went to see Spiderman, which was a blast! That is a great flick, in case you were wondering. Totally work the money to see it on the big screen, I LOVED it. The rest of the weekend we've just been chilllin', but it's been really fun. Hangin' out, being outside, sleeping in, I LOVE weekends like this!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Stranger Danger

Creepiest thing happened yesterday:
Josh and I were in our room at about 7:00 at night, we have this really bad habit of leaving our back door open, with just the screen door keeping out the scary strangers in our neighborhood (if you weren't already aware we live in a neighborhood full of really old nice mormons. :) We don't worry about locking the doors when we're at home.). I hear the creek of the screen door and sit up in bed IMMEDIATELY. I scramble and am clearly shocked, Josh looks at me like I'm crazy "what's wro-" "SHHHH" I interrupt him and listen intently. I hear rummaging in my kitchen, and rush to slam my bedroom doors shut. Josh listens closer and then we hear the creek of the back door again. We both get out there as quickly as possible and see NOBODY. There was no-one outside. Personally, I think it was mummies, but you're all welcome to form your own opinion.

While we were outside looking for the stranger in my house, I remembered that I needed to get my purse out of my car (the stranger didn't steal that, OR my dirty dishes!) when I did I remembered that my car has REEKED the last couple of days. I'm not talking about a "hot day" kind of odor, I'm talking about a "dirty diaper under the seat for 3 days in the hot sun in a black car" kind of odor. It's smelled increasingly yucky since 2 days ago, and I have searched my car high and low for whatever it is that's causing the stench. I can't find anything. I made Josh stick his head in my car and he almost gagged, then began the search. He found nothing then asked me to pop the trunk. Wow! In my trunk was a bad of formerly frozen chicken breasts from Costco that has been there for 3 DAYS! That's right, 3 long disgusting, record-breakingly HOT days. I thought he grabbed everything out of the trunk when he went, he thought I did, and there it sat. If you're wondering what that smells like, feel free to stick your nose in my dumpster. GROSS!!! So, now that we've found the culprit, scrubbed the trunk carpet and febreezed my brains out, I'm hoping to enter a decent smelling car this evening when I leave work. Sick. That's all I can say.

On the plus side of yesterday, we got to see Mat Kearney! Talk about good times, he was really cool and chill and fun. I liked him for sure. However, when we went to DI to find camping pots/pans they had NOT 1 SINGLE frying pan or pot for boiling water. Not even 1. That sucks huh?

So, 3 bad experiences 1 good, I consider the day a success.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Don't you worry we learned a few things in our shish kabob research.
1. That really is how you spell shish kabobs! Who knew? (other than google of course, which is the source of most knowledge)
2. There are like a million recipes for shish kabobs out there. I never would have thought it was a recipe, just seems a little odd to me.
3. ooohhh.....those are SOOOOOO good!
Yes that's right, Jamie brough stuff over, we kabob'd all night long, well only for a while actually, Then, after Jamie & Cam went home Josh & I did laundry, filing, cleaned our house, and it felt so good to get that stuff done! I had NO dishes in the sink, and no piles of bills to pay and it was a beautiful thing. We watched a movie & ate asparagas (I forgot how much I like that) and had a mellow, calm, relaxing evening. I love it when that happens.

So, not only did I have a great day yesterday, but I woke up on time and am well on my way to having a great day today. :) I love my life.

PS I get to go to Mat Kearney too! Cameron/Josh won tickets so we get to go! Yay for us!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"I'm a mormon....yes I am...."

You can tell I'm mormon because last night I got home from work and made strawberry jam. Yes, that's right, my husband and I made strawberry jam ALL by ourselves! Without even having our mom's help us. We rock. I had already told my husband that I wanted to, and when I got home he was washing and cutting up all the strawberries, I'm still so whooped over him and I am amazed at how much he does for me. I really don't know what I'd do without him. ANYWAY, he's cutting up strawberries so I start measuring and mashing. If you've never mashed up strawberries with a plastic potato masher, you should do it just because you'll appreciate all the people who do it on a regular basis. Whew, hard work! So, we mashed up a bunch and made 2 batches of homemade freezer jam! Yay! PLUS since I have a bosch, I could make fresh bread to put under it! That is truly exciting to me.

Last night we also watched The Mummy, wow, that was an experience. I have to admit I kindof enjoyed it, even if it was incredibly cheesy. :) Yep, me and my husband watch dumb cheesy movies together. That's because we're cool.

Today is going to be the shish kabob debut, at least I think/hope so. Yay for shish kabobs! Turns out they probably aren't that bad for you, which is encouraging to me, and I can probably eat most of the ingredients on them. That's pretty exciting. So yay for barbeque tonight!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fresh fruits & veggies

OK, I've officially gotten out of control. I haven't been able to stop gaining weight since Josh & I got married, except for like 2 weeks when I ate NOTHING but fruits & veggies & protein. So I guess that's what I have to do. So, I decided on Sunday that I would start doing that on Monday. I made it through my first day! (Thanks to the COB cafeteria and their AMAZING salad bar - thanks for the hookup Jamie.) So now we're on day 2. Josh went grocery shopping with me last night because he loves me and we got all kinds of good tasting food. So, I won't starve to death. Josh is REALLY helpful in this endeavor because I have like 0 self-control and I like food. But he is very helpful and supportive and nice and not a nazi or a mean-guy. Anyway, he got all sad and asked "what about our barbeque's?" And he was not happy when I told him that I can't eat hamburgers, cuz they're not fresh fruits or vegetables. He got all sad and said "they're protein!" He's so cute. I love my husband.

Anyway, I think we're going to have to make shish kabobs (I don't know how to spell that word, so if anyone knows, I'll correct it. :)). Only I asked Jamie and all she could think of to put on them was pineapple and chicken, and that's all I could think of too - so we don't know any ingredients. So, maybe we'll just have pineapple chicken shish kabobs. :) We're cool.

This morning I made a smoothie goodness creation with my bosch (of course) and the blender leaked a little bit out of the bottom, that made me sad, I wonder if it has problems or if I have problems. I'll have to check with my mom on that one. Anyway, yay for yummy smoothie goodness! That was good grub!!! So, between that and all the other good stuff we got last night, I should be a happy girl, and maybe just maybe my clothes will fit again! (and the peasants rejoiced).

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Yep, we went camping. That's some seriously good times. Josh and I had to HURRY to get there, but he got home before I did (I'm so glad he's so helpful) and started putting things together and getting us ready to go. I got home, and we made quick hobo dinners and packed up and left.

We found: waterslides; pokin' sticks; jamie-the-fire-nazi; a fridge; and a racoon. That's some seriously good camping if you ask me.

Cameron found these "waterslides" and I was convinced that when the water is higher, we'll need to slide through them.

THEN, Cam found these logs that he thought we should "stick race" through the "waterslides", so even though they were stuck, he and Josh tried to get them to float and they finally did.

I think the most important discovery we made on this trip was simply that Jamie is smokey-the-bear in disguise. She is the ultimate fire-nazi and made SURE that we didn't burn down the whole world. LOL. She wouldn't let us leave until we were 100% positive that the campfire had been extinguished, and she was VERY concerned when a piece of cardboard we had burned flew off as burning ember. Cameron quickly pointed out that "the chances of that lighting a tree on fire are like 2 to 1" which didn't bring her any comfort. There were no embers when we left, and our campfire was safely extinguished. See?

Cameron also found a "fridge" which really means he made a circle of rocks in the river and put drinks in there to make them cold. It worked.
After we made banana boats (thank you Joshua) we were sitting around the campfire, just chillin' waiting for it to burn down and we heard something behind us, it was a raccoon and I was scared of it and wouldn't walk around without an escort for the rest of the night. I'm a pansy, what can I say? :) This thing was HUGE! Seriously! And last week Kim (my boss) was telling me about one time when her husband had to kill a raccoon and they told them to put it in a cage and drown it in a garbage can and it was mean and scary, so that's why I was scared, otherwise I would've thought it was cute.
Apart from all that, Josh and Cam brought their blow guns and we spit paintballs everywhere and I painted the log - we should have taken a picture of that, maybe Jamie did. We also shot Cam's airsoft guns, which was pretty cool. Overall, it was a very good vacation. I like those.
Oh yeah! I forgot the most important part! Josh helped me sleep, I haven't had a good night's sleep camping in like eternity, but he taught me how to do it right and I slept SOOOO good, until the car alarm went off because the raccoon came back, but I seriously slept very well. *sigh* I love my husband. :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Facebook friends

Wow, Jamie signed me up for facebook. For those of you that don't know, it's like a safer version of My Space, a website for you to talk to people you know and get in touch with them. Here's the thing, it's OVERWHELMING. You put in your highschool and then choose all these people as your "friends" and then you get to see all their stuff (pictures, notes, wall notes, etc.) which is really cool. Easy way to keep up with a lot of people at once. So, Jamie signed me up and it's totally overwhleming because you get tons of messages from people and it's all fun and stuff, but man, it's stressful! So, anyway, I accidentally tagged someone as a "friend" and I had no clue who she was, but she had the same first name as someone I thought I knew and she had mutual friends and so I thought her new last name was just her new married name, which I didn't know. So, I tagged her as a friend and it turns out that I totally don't know her, but she does know a relative of mine and she writes HILLARIOUS stories about pancakes and it made me laugh my face off. So, anyway, now I think I'll be friends with her. Good times making random friends on facebook.

Jamie and Cam came over for another bbq last night and I even made picnic salad! It was amazing! I love summer time, we played badminton, nintendo, ate food, hung out etc etc etc. Yay for that! Anyway, I love summer time, and I think I get to go camping this weekend which makes it even better. Dutch oven cookers, watch out!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Yep, Jamie told me Laura tagged me, so then I knew and Jamie said I had to do it.

I tag Jamie. Ha ha, that's twice, now you REALLY have to:

I am: bloggin'
I want: to beat my husband at super smash brothers
I have: amazing friends
I wish: I was 50 pounds lighter
I hate: Traffic
I miss: making more $$ than my husband (congrats on the big fat raise babe!)
I hear: "You and I collide" keyboards clicking, computers running and the neighbors dog barking. :)
I wonder: What life has next for me.
I regret: not finishing my workload last night. (Just 2 more e-mails!)
I am not: going to stay at work today. Yay for the temple!
I dance: with my husband in the kitchen. There's just something about that, you know?
I sing: at the top of my lungs when the radio's on.
I cry: on my husband's shoulder - man that feels good.
I am not always: healthy
I make with my hands: cinnamon rolls
I write: e-mails to jamie, blogs, and notes on facebook. (Laura, how come you aren't on facebook, you should be. :))
I confuse: my boss's. All of them.
I need: a new hobbie.
I should: go walking more - take an aerobics class with jamie, eat salad, get in shape.
I start: thoughts
I finish: sentances

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Work Drama

The new organizational chart came out this morning. I'm not out of a job (thank goodness). But mine has changed yet again. At leats it seems like it, we'll see how much different it really is.... we had our meeting this morning, and David emphasized that we're not mad at Gabe and that he will be a seperate but equal partner in everything. So, Gabe is not getting fired (not that anyone thought he was but David felt the need to make that clear) he's just moving on. So, I stay here as the peon of the world. I know I'm not that important, and I didn't expect anything differetn, but it kinda stung a little to see my name at the VERY BOTTOM of the piece of paper with the title "administrative assistant" next to it. I know that's my job and I love it, I don't really want the responsibility that comes with anything more, but it still stung. How weird is that? I don't really understand it, but I felt like crying because I'm such a failure. Weird. Anyway, I guess that's that. I stay here, not doing any accounting or anything else, I just keep watering plants and romantic getaways for someone else to go on. I guess that is my lot in life for now.

Last night Jamie & Cameron came over and we made dinner and cinnamon rolls. The boys played video games (it's cute, I can't wait till Jamie I do the same things while our kids play video games with each other) and we made cards (kindof), made dinner, signed up for facebook and talked. That's good times for me. I've been thinking lately how much I love being a grown-up. I always laugh about the e-mails talking about how great it is to be a kid, and how everyone wants to be a kid again, but I really am so much loving this part of my life. I have freedom (because of the lack of kids) and ability at the same time. It's cool to be able to "play on a school night" and to do anything I want anytime I want. It's amazing to have good friends so close and to hang out with people who I truly enjoy. I have relatively few responsibilities, but enough to make me sane. It's great, I love this part of life. With that came an appreciation for coming out of the anti-social part of being a newlywed. For the first little while it was SOO cool to live with Josh that I didn't want anyone to intrude on that time. I didn't want to play with other people and I didn't want to do anything but hang out at "our house" and just be together. But now, we can both play with other people and still enjoy each other's company! Who knew?! Yeah, being married rocks.

Josh cleaned our carpets yesterday while I was at work, and when I came home my entire house smelled like pee. I thought I was going to puke when I walked in the door, I opened all the windows I could find, and left the backdoor open to try to air it out. I lit a candle and then we baked yummy dinner, which I hope got rid of the smell, we'll see today if it actually did or not. Cross your fingers for a peeless house today. :)

Friday, May 4, 2007


OK I'm pretty sure ya'all know about my strong desire for a Bosch, so here's my bosch story for the week. Last week mom got a flyer in the mail about the Bosch sale and they were only $299 instead of $350 because of a mother's day special. So, I counted up my pennies and had only $200, my husband who is kind and generous and loving said he'd donate $100 if I wanted to get it now. So I turned in my pennies to the bank and magically they all turned into $205 ($5 free no charge!) However, I hadn't heard from my mom again since then, so I thought I'd call her to see if she had seen it. She didn't call back for a day and a half (she's at Women's conference) so I started to worry. Then, just when I was thinking about her this morning, she called and told me she hadn't had a chance to go, but that I could call them. It's a little funny to me that it never occured to me to call them, so I did. When I called the nice lady knew exactly what I was talking about and said they only had 3 left, I asked if she expected them to go quickly and she said yes, she's had 3 people call on them already today. I told her I couldn't get down there till tomorrow and she said I could buy it over the phone and then pick it up tomorrow. (The excitement and tension rises). I quickly hang up and call Josh. He said he'd pick up some money from a job he did today and we could buy it just because he loves me. (Please keep in mind how stressed he is about money because we just fixed the truck and signed up for an expensive school.) So today is an exciting and monumental day for my life. I will now own a Bosch, and I already have big plans for it. :) Yay for me!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007


It's official. Josh is now signed up at UCMT. That is some seriously expensive schooling - but it's all inclusive, which is nice. We went last night to meet with the enrollment dude, which turned into a 3 hour meeting/application/form-filling-out session. Wow, they ask a lot of questions. So, we signed him up and he starts May 21st. We applied for financial aid - we got 0 grants and like $10,000 in loans. We still have to pay $150/month while he's in school, then start paying back student loans. I think that's the first time Josh has ever been in debt and it kinda freaks him out, but I think it's still exciting. It's gonna be a REALLY rough schedule, but I think we'll live right through it. I'll work more, and he'll go to school more and we'll just have very little "hanging out" time, which will be a change from now. It seems like now we get to do whatever we want, and even though we're busy, we have plenty of time to do things, which is fun. So, now we'll be grown-ups and move on with our lives. Wish us luck!

This morning we were driving to work (we because Josh's truck is being fixed again (yay!)) and driving up State Street downtown, and there was a bus stopped in the middle of the road in the right lane (like they do when they're picking people up). I kept driving past it and saw this old blind lady crossing state street in the middle of the road, and almost hit her! It was exactly like that old lady in Mulan when she crosses with the cricket, only this lady had no lucky cricket and almost got killed. She's just crossing the street with her walker in the middle of a very busy trafficy road! Ak! That's scary! Anyway, now I have mulan songs in my head. For that reason Mulan is now on my soundtrack - that's funny and I don't care who you are.

I just had another chat with Gabe about work. He's definitely leaving and will need a secretary to handle his life for him - professional and personal. So, if any of you know anybody looking for part time clerical, light accounting, real estate, legal assisting work downtown, let me know! It'll probably be about 20 hours a week.

I also talked to Josh and we get to fix the truck again! Aparently there's a hole in the radiator, and that's bad. So we have to fix it for like $600. That's fun eh? Actually I think it will work out quite well because Josh's mileage reimbursement check didn't come at the beginning of April, so we've just kinda lived without it and now it can just go toward fixing the truck, yay! I like fixing the truck. So, you see, life works out. I'm glad to know that things just work out and that we are both capable of being independent and taking care of ourselves. We've definitely been blessed.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Brown hair???

I've had brown hair my ENTIRE life. And then suddenly I got married and turned into a blonde by mistake. We've decided that Josh is going to go to a really expensive school, and therefore we believe that we should save money, I would like to save time and let my hair be it's normal color again - so I'm publicly stating that I think I'm gonna be brown again - at least I'm thinking about it. The scary thing is that I think I'm just gonna make Josh do it with grocery store dye....maybe that's not the best idea, maybe I can bribe Jamie to do it. Anyway, I'm thinking about it.

I went to the bank today and turned in all my pennies for $100 bills. Yay for me! I'm feeling exceedingly wealthy for a moment anyway. Pretty soon I'm gonna have a Bosch, and I think I'll make Jam (to put on all the fresh bread I'll make) I'm pretty excited about all of this. :) Yay for me!

I still know nothing about my job. David is pretending like he hasn't decided yet, which is stupid and mean if you ask me. I'm dying to talk to someone about it, but we're pretending still....I guess we'll see what happens.

Josh and I are headed to UCMT to apply for school tonight - wish us luck!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

no job and a bosch

It seems like it's been forever since I've written, which I recognize it hasn't, but I think means that I'm getting addicted to this blogging thing. Yesterday turned out to be a reasonably good day. Josh and I went up to eat cake with Jamie and Cam because it was Jamie's birthday - which is always fun. Before that we got a lot of things done at the house that we've been meaning to do for a long time - lawn mowing, cleaning, etc. That always makes me feel good - so I was thankful for that. Today was a little bit strange at work.

This morning I got to work, did my normal stuff, and as I was working (downstairs because Nia was at my desk) Gabe came in. He casually mentioned that he and David are getting divorced. That is HUGE. They are both so dependant on each other that I'm not sure either of them will be able to function without the other. They're both really power hungry and think that they are the end-all be-all in every situation, so to have both of them in the same office is kindof rough. HOWEVER, I never in a million years thought that Gabe would really venture out on his own, pay his own bills and not come to David for everything. For me this is a really big change because I kindof work for both David and Gabe. I help Gabe a LOT with his personal life. Like his divorce and bills and appointments and all that stuff - but David is the one that pays me. And I do a ton of stuff for David too. So, I don't know what this means for me. This all came about because David hired Chris Harding to help him "organize and restructure" the business, meaning put people where they go and make us more efficient. Chris came back yesterday with his recommendation which was simply that Gabe leave David's office. It makes perfect sense, but I'm surprised that everyone seems to be OK with it. Gabe didnt' blow up, he didn't call everyone "these idiots" and he didn't throw anything, he just said they're splitting up. He also asked what I thought of the whole thing and I really didn't know what to say. So I didn't say much to him. He said he read Chris's report and he suggested that I go with Gabe. That's scary because Gabe is really unstable and I don't want my income to be dependant on his mood. So, that will be an adventure. The thing that is scary to me is that David will always see me as Gabe's leftovers that he had to keep on because Kim likes me and not as an asset to the company. I don't like feeling like that - but I guess life is just life, right? Anyway, things at work are going to be drastically different now and I'm not exactly sure what that means for me. Enough about work -

My mom called me today and told me that she got an ad from the Bosch store in the mail today. I have been "saving up for a bosch" for like 5 years, only this last year I really have been saving. And today she told me that there's a special mother's day sale and they are selling "limited edition" bosch's for $300 instead of the regular $450. So I freaked out and got all excited. I counted the other day, and I'm pretty sure I have $200ish. So I asked JOsh what he thinks and my amazing husband who I love told me that we should definitely get one if it's for real. :) yay for me! he even told me that he'd give me money from his ladder jar (he's saving for a litt'e giant ladder) for it because he loves me just that much. I am one lucky woman.

I have plenty more to write, but if I said it all, nobody would read it. :) Good night!
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