Thursday, February 28, 2008

Railroad Crossing - look out for the cars!

This morning I had the scariest driving experience of my entire life. I've done some stupid things while driving, more than I'd care to admit actually, but this was BY FAR the stupidest.

To get to our house we have to cross like 10 gajillion sets of train tracks. OK, maybe it's only 4, but it feels closer to 10 gajillion. The first 3 sets all have arms that come down when a train is coming (which is surprisingly often). The set farthest West (and thereby closest to our house) has no arm - just a measly "Railroad Crossing" sign.

For the first few weeks we did the drive, we whined about the trains – I swear they ONLY came when we were trying to get through. Now I kindof count on them, so I can finish putting on my makeup in the car while I wait for them to come (bad I know…) A couple of weeks ago, I realized that there is 1 set of tracks that has no arms, no lights, no warnings if there is a train coming. Thinking that was odd – I asked Josh what the law is in that situation.

“Well, you should probably look both ways before you cross.”
“Is that the law though?” I asked.
“I don’t know, school buses stop.” As if that answered my question – just because a school bus does it, doesn’t mean it’s the law. Seriously, if I stopped on every residential corner and put a bunch of kids in my vehicle, I’d be charged with kidnapping. If we all did things just because the school bus does, we’d be in a lot of trouble. But, being the kind, generous, forgiving, non-condemning person that I am, I accepted that as an answer. For 2 whole trips we both stopped (or at least slowed) before crossing the tracks. That got old – fast. Now we both just drive right through them.

This morning as we approached the tracks, we were listening to the Book of Mormon and I was enthralled by the story of the Brother of Jared (what a fantastic story! Sometimes I forget that reading is different than telling yourself the story you’ve heard since primary). I also happened to be the one driving. I heard a loud horn, looked in my rearview mirror to see who was honking at me and saw no-one - until I was almost on top of the train tracks. There was a train, RIGHT THERE! And it was moving! Fast!

My foot hesitated over the break, before I quickly changed my mind knowing I couldn’t stop in time. We sailed across the tracks and crossed safely by a fraction of a second.

How on earth we weren’t both killed is beyond me. When I looked up, the train couldn’t have been more than 2 yards away, honking like crazy (duh!) and that was before I had crossed! Josh hadn’t seen the train, I hadn’t seen the train, there was no possible way I could have stopped, and had I gotten there just a second later, we would have been hit. Hard.

I’m sure the people behind me thought I was a complete idiot (“didn’t her mama tell her not to race the trains?” “Being late for work is no excuse for driving like an idiot!”) and they were right, but I truly didn’t see it! I was shaking the rest of the drive in to work. I have to say I got un-enthralled with the Brother of Jared, and re-enthralled with driving.

I’d love to petition the train people to put arms on every intersection. In our situation they could just move the arm out 20 feet and it would include this other track. It seems insane to me that there was literally nothing, absolutely nothing to warn me of the oncoming train. Well, with the exception of the horn – but I couldn’t hear that until I was too close, and couldn’t tell where it was coming from until too late! And why do people even move stuff by train anymore – haven’t they heard of airplanes? Trains are not efficient, and I’m sure it’s bad for the environment, so trains shouldn’t be allowed to run on “red days” in this state anyway. I blame the inventor of the train! And the inventor of stupid Railroad signs that don’t do anything! And the inventor of red days! Until something changes though, I’m going to strive to be more like a school bus – lock up your children.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mr. Fixit

Ever since we bought our new beautiful house, I keep enjoying and relishing in the beauties of my kitchen. This week I was grateful for my disposal. Unfortunately I got a little over-zealous in appreciating it, and put a bunch of potato peels down it. Little did I know, you're not supposed to do that. Fortunately Josh is handy and capable and was able to fix it for me. He loves me and I'm truly thankful that he is so capable of fixing all the stuff I break.

Yes, he took apart the entire under-the-sink part. The whole thing.

That's the gross potato water that came out of it - you can't see the big pile of potato guts at the bottom. Mmmm yummy.

Yay! the water is going DOWN the hole!

Because We Sing

On Saturday night Josh's Dad and little brother were singing at the assembly hall in this group called "Because We Sing" it was quite the concert. I wish I had pictures of the actual concert, but I didn't take any pictures until afterwards. The concert was awesome, they sang some beautiful songs ("Bring Him Home") some gospel songs ("He ain't heavy he's my brother") and some hilarious songs ("Oompah Loompah"). I really like men's choirs, so it was quite fun for us. PLUS we got to go downtown together, and wander around temple square afterward. I miss it so much - when I lived there we'd walk around on temple square all the time, we'd hang out and look at the beauty of the temple in the nighttime and just enjoy the peace and calm that is there. I sometimes forget how much I love it there, so it's always nice to go back and be reminded.

Josh and I were taking pictures of our faces while we sat looking at the temple. I busted out the camera and he groaned.

"Smile!" I laughed when I saw that we were both sticking out our tongues.

"Fine - don't smile, be a dork" and we both smile.

"K that one was ugly, this time really smile and be serious."

Yeah, there's no hope for us. :) But that's OK, at least we're both dorks and we both love it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This weekend we went to Midway. Oh man we had fun. The first day we went to Soldier Hollow to go tubing. My neice and nephew aren't old enough to go on the big hill with the rest of us, but there was a little baby hill we threw them down and they loved it! It was fantastic.

This is us waiting in line to get up. Even waiting in the line was fun. That's a sign of good company.

After we got back we went out onto the golf course and found another hill to sled down. The sled was only fun with at least 2 people (or so my daddy said) so this is Josh and Dad's turn.

Saturday night we played a lot of games. Then Sunday after church, Randy had scheduled a big ol' game of 6 player Risk. Yes that's right - 6 players. Randy wound up winning, but I put up a good fight - it came down to the 2 of us. :) We played a lot of Set and a bunch of other games. Quite the party.

This is the boring-EST part of the whole vacation, and it lasted like 10 whole minutes and it was only cuz they were posing for the camera.

The last day we built this killer snow cave. We should have done it earlier so the little boys could play with us. And so we could sleep in it. This is the only time Randy (my brother-in-law) sat down - that kid can DIG!

They're a good family. Ryann actually liked it.

This is all who dug crammed into the cave.
Seriously, big cave.

In all it was a much needed vacation. I love that the more I spend time with my family, the more I like them. We had a ton of fun and we were definitely not ready to come home - I could have stayed for another few days...but no such luck. We survived our first day back at work so I guess we'll be OK with normal life again.

Friday, February 15, 2008


OK So I used to hate Single Awareness Day. But, it turns out my husband is terribly romantic. He showed up to pick me up from work with these BEAUTIFUL flowers.

We knew we didn't want to wait forever to go out to dinner, so I made heart pizza (which Josh ate before I could get a picture) and we just hung out. I love nights like that! I can't wait until he's done with school and we get to hang out all night every night. That will be a beautiful thing!

Maybe I like V-day after all.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Single Awareness Day (SAD)

Growing up I always loathed this day. And when I say I loathed I really mean it. I never had a real live boyfriend, and I SWEAR every other girl in the entire school did. Every last one of them. OK maybe not all of them, but at least all of the ones I knew. OK maybe not even all of the ones I knew, but judging by how many flowers and suckers and chocolates were floating around my school, every girl should have had 2 of each. Instead it seems like 12 girls got 144 of each. Now by my math, and by the law of consecration – that isn’t fair.

I do feel obligated to mention that I did have one unbelievably over the top celebrated Valentine’s Day in Jr. High (roses, chocolate kisses, mixed CD’s, decorated locker, the whole 9 yards). And that did make me feel incredibly important, special, and even well liked. Every other Valentine’s Day, however, I got nothing and felt stupid about it.

Maybe it’s because I despised the holiday when I was alone and haven’t grown out of it yet; maybe it’s because I won’t see Josh for more than 10 minutes tonight and I’m denying that that’s abnormal; maybe it’s just the fact that I’m a grown up, I’m in a real relationship, and Valentine’s Day doesn’t make that relationship any more real than it already is; or maybe it’s because all holidays are boring without kids. Maybe it’s another reason all together, but this year it’s really not a big deal. I couldn’t care less if I don’t get flowers. I’m fine with not getting a card. In fact, I’d really be OK if nobody even mentioned the Holiday of Love. Today I know I love my husband. And I know he loves me. And today I am happy to be in love. I guess that is the point of Valentine’s Day so maybe I AM celebrating!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dear Winter,

I give in, I'll go do something fun already! I know I've been threatening to do something wintery for the past....4 months when it first snowed. I know I talk big like I love the snow and the winter and playing in it; but rarely take advantage of living in this beautiful season. I know I bought tubes last year and have yet to use them. I know the closest I've come to ice-skating is walking down my driveway (which by the way is pretty dang close!). I know I don't have much longer before spring (and apparently Easter which is right around the corner). And I know if I don't take advantage of this beautiful snow before it's gone, I'll be wishing for it again all too soon. I recognize all of those things, and I promise, this will be the weekend of outdoor fun in the snow.

But please, pretty please, just for me, can you NOT snow on my commute one more day? Please can I drive home more than 2 days in a row without dead traffic lights and cars backed up 10 miles to get on the freeway? Please don't force me to look at any more car accidents and please oh please don't let me be the object of one.

I know it's your job to make it beautiful in Utah from September to April; and you're very good at that, but if you could limit your working hours to 9-4 (hey call it a government job!) and even nights (after 12 and before 6) that would really help me out.

If you can grant these wishes for me, I promise to take advantage of your slippery slopes, your majestic hills, and your icy rinks. I promise to enjoy every second of it, just as long as I make it home safely tonight.

With gratitude, love and respect,


Sicky (the 8th dwarf) and his wife, Grumpy

My This thing he has is seriously horrible. I sure hope nobody else gets it, I'm amazed at how sick he can be.

It hit hard on Sunday, with fever, chills, body aches, etc. Monday it turned to exhaustion, more fever, add headache, tight chest, and restlessness (meaning neither of us have slept worth anything in the past 3 days. Tuesday we remove most of the fever and chills, keep the body ache, head ache and tight chest. Add all cold symptoms. This is the recipe for a looong week and a grumpy wife.

Maybe it's just that I'm sleep deprived, but I'm relatively certain that I am the world's most impatient wife. The first day I was really attentive, I babied him and took care of him, waiting to see what else he needed. Monday I was equally good - only I was at work so it was easier. Tuesday we decided to go to the Dr. who told us that he didn't feel good (thank you for sharing your expertise! I seriously doubt we ever could have figured that out.) and that he shouldn't go to school. Today, I think I've had it. He stayed home all day long yesterday and I could tell he was really starting to feel better. He watched movies. He paid attention to things. He wasn't completely delirious. He whined more.

He could use full sentences, so instead of “uughhhh water?” it was “hey, would you please bring me some water?” and “uughhhhh cold” followed by shaking and moaning changed to “it’s freezing in here, do we have any other blankets?” Don’t get me wrong, the kid is still sick, he can’t breath, he’s coughing like crazy, his throat hurts, he’s tired, he aches, etc. But, the improvement is so obvious that I seem to forget all of that and just notice that he’s better than he was. And I started getting impatient.

Since he was so miserable Sunday night neither of slept very well. Monday he didn’t realize it, but he was up all night coughing and hacking and wheezing and moaning. He slept through a lot of that because I gave him some Tylenol PM. I didn’t sleep through any of that, because I got no drugs. Last night he fell asleep at like 8:30 and slept until 1:00 – I was still working doing laundry, cleaning up dinner, and watching American Idol. I went to bed at about 1:00 when he woke up again needing some more drugs. I kindly got stuff for him and sent him back to bed. He slept until 7:00, and for the most part he slept soundly – I on the other hand did not. I was still tossing and turning, too hot, then too cold. He’d cough and wake me up, I’d roll over and realize I wasn’t in bed anymore (seriously, I fell out of bed last night) and before the alarm even went off I was up at 5:30 this morning. Josh couldn’t decide if he was going to work or not today, which means I was really late to work waiting for him to decide. Today I am grumpy. I don’t want to do anything but go home and sleep. And watch American Idol. Those are my goals for the day. Hopefully I’m less grumpy tomorrow.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Josh had a hard week...

It's been a bit of a tough week for Josh. Earlier in the week we were heading to work and he tackled me - when he took me down, my wedding ring gouged the back of his head and he bled for about half an hour. OUCH! he even said he was feeling a little light headed, but we put a cold cloth on it and it stopped eventually. Josh always jokes that he gave me a weapon not a ring, and I guess this is why.

On Sunday during church he suddenly realized that he didn't feel well at all. By the time we got out of church he was feeling awful and while we walked to our car he kept saying he was FREEZING. Sunday happened to be an extraordinarily warm day. It was beautiful outside, I was ready to go on a picnic, but he wanted to go home and bundle up. He started sounding really bad, he was losing his voice, and coughing a lot. By about 2 or 3 he had a fever of 101. He had cold chills and he was freezing and sweating and miserable. He started feeling better by about 10:00, but I had to drug him to get him to sleep at all. It was a long night. I hope it's not the "real flu" or strep or something, because he keeps getting worse and worse. He called in sick to school today - which he NEVER does. I always feel so helpless, what am I supposed to do? He's just so miserable, and can't have enough blankets on him, and it's HOT in my house. There are not enough cups of tea, warm baths, big blankets, or hot bean bags in the world to keep him warm, even though he's burning up! Here's hoping for a better night tonight.

Signs I'm getting old.

I seriously think I'm getting old. Here are a few reasons.

1. I hang out with "old friends I went to high school with" and I enjoy it. Josh and I went to hang out with Aubrey Shaw, Courtney Clement and Dan Argyle (and their spouses) on Saturday night. I haven't seen any of these people in at least 2 years, and we had a fantastic time. Just the phrase "friends I went to high school with" sounds like an old person phrase to me. The fact that it's been so long since I saw them made it even older - but also REALLY fun. It's so funny to see who everyone is married, and SOO perfect for each of them! I love it. We played Catch Phrase (which girl rock at by the way) and Loaded Questions which was awesome. You have to answer random questions about yourself, and then 1 person guesses who answered what. Which brings me to reason #2.

2. Asparagus on pizza sounds REALLY good. The question was "what should be a pizza topping?". There were some other funny answers, but someone said asparagus, and I seriously can't get that out of my head. Mmmm. Asparagus, with ham, and peppers and maybe pineapple on half. I seriously can't wait to try it, that's going to be on the menu sometime soon, and I'll report on how fantastic it is. My mom always ate asparagus in the summertime, and it was the ultimate icky-grownup-food to me. Now I love it. I don't have it as often as she did, but just the fact that I like it means I'm old.

3. My knees hurt. Josh and I were walking out of the temple, and all of a sudden my knees like buckled under me. They hurt sooo bad. I made it to the car, but it seriously felt like every time I bent my knees there was bone grinding on bone - which is a bad thing. Anyway, joint pain of any kind automatically makes you old.

4. In church on Sunday I had a really hard time paying attention during Sacrament meeting. I was really fidgety and uncomfortable and couldn't figure out why. When we went to Sunday School I figured out it was because hard chairs are uncomfortable. I used to be a floor sitter, but now I feel like that old person that the young people offer their chair to. That's bad. I'm seriously considering starting to sit on the floor at home (even when there are other options) just to get used to it again. At least then I won't have to be old enough to go to church early to get a seat in the benches - that's ages me like another 10 years!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Easing into it.

I open a lot of bills during the day. In fact, sometimes I really get bugged at how many bills I have to open and avoid doing it at home because I'm still bugged from work. Once in a while though, it's kindof nice to open a zillion bills and know I don't have to pay even 1 of them.

"$6,495 for landscaping. OK. $5,345 for architectural drawings. OK. $945 power bill?!?!?! OK. $12.32 to South Ogden City, AND they give me this cute little newsleteter about new officials and events going on in the city? Definitely OK."

Today has been a little slow so I glanced through the South Ogden City Newsletter. There was the normal typical stuff. "Snow Removal FAQ's: Why is my street always the last one plowed? How come there's no sand on the road? etc"

Then, on the back page, I saw this picture of an easter bunny. Surrounded by Easter eggs. Wow! It's already Easter time! Maybe it's the fact that it still snows 2 feet every other day, or the fact that I haven't done 1 fun winter outdoor activity yet this season, but I'm just not ready for Easter! I'm shocked. Truly shocked. It had all of these pastel spring-y colors all over it and they looked SO out of place! No snowflakes, Christmas trees, or even heart and cupids! Straight to Easter - they aren't wasting any time this year!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Car

Josh called and Redbox finally told him that they're going to give him a car. They've been dangling it for a long time and we've been holding off buying a new car because of it. They let him know they were thinking about it - then Josh killed Steve (his old truck). Then they told him that they would make a decision by December 1st. Then they didn't. Then 2 weeks ago they said they'd decide by the first of February. So we've been patiently waiting and sharing a car (which isn't so bad most of the time...) until we know what, if anything, they are going to give him.

Today he called me and told me that they decided to give him one. This is seriously a huge blessing because we've been doing the 1 car thing and trying really hard not to go into debt to buy another car, but really feeling like we need to just do it. I'm tired of sharing rides everywhere, I wish he could go to school and I could go grocery shopping at the same time. I have days that I really feel the need to get out of the office, but I can't because I'm stranded. It's been good for a lot of reasons (not having a car payment being the primary good reason) but it's also been making me crazy. So I'm truly very thankful that they're doing this. Who wouldn't be thankful to get a company car?

He told me it would either be a Dodge Caliber (see below)

Or an HHR. When Josh and I talk I always am in front of my comptuer and often look up things we're talking about as we discus them, so as soon as he said "HHR" I googled it and here is the first picture that popped up.

I laughed. Really hard. I couldn't stop laughing. He laughed at my laugh, then said "they told me that was the sucky car and I should hope for the caliber. What does it look like?" "you have to drive a hurse!" I blurted out as I wiped the tears from my eyes. Oh man, I think it would be HILLARIOUS if he got that car. I will tease him until the day he dies. He laughed too - even thought of opening a hurse business on the side....

Monday, February 4, 2008

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a snowflake!

Josh and I both grew up in Utah. We've both lived here for more than 20 years of our lives. We both love to be outside, love the winter, and the snow.

When we were first dating we would go on drives in the canyon all the time. He loved to go up at least twice a month, and I loved it too. It was soo nice to get out and breathe real air and enjoy the beauty. We'd hike and walk and enjoy each other's company. We're terribly romantic like that.

In September we went up and it started to snow while we were there. We drove further and further and it just got better and better. Finally Josh pulled over and I jumped out of the car and nailed him with a snowball before he even knew what had happened. He proceeded to tackle me and white wash my face, but to this day I am very proud of the fact that I threw the first snowball of our relationship. Every season since then, he's gotten me first, but I try to keep up.

We've had some grand adventures in the snow. (pictures coming shortly)

Tubing with Jamie and Cameron.

Building a snowman in our old house.

Going up the canyon to find the first snow of the year (this has become a sort of tradition for us).

So you can say we are good at snow. We like it. It likes us. Makes us happy! You would think we're familiar with the stuff, but this morning I kinda had to wonder.

We started to drive to work, and turned on the Book of Mormon (we've found we're really consistent if we listen to it during the drive in, specific time and place, all that jazz). Josh paused it for a moment.

"Wow. That's a lot of snow." he commented. unpausing.
I paused it. "Yep. Driving in the snow always reminds me of Star Wars - I think this is what it looks like to fly through outer space." Unpause.
Pause. "What?!?!" Patiently waiting.
"This is probably what it's like to fly through outer space." I repeated (is he deaf?) unpause.
Pause. "Why?" I breifly explained my theory based on a really old nintendo game.
"These things look a lot like snowflakes." He observed.
"Really? because they are snowflakes?"
" they look like snowflakes." He's thought a lot about this obviously. Unpause.

I guess I can see where he's coming from - some days the snow doesn't looks like snowflakes but today it sure did. Big beautiful snowflakes. It's just a funny comment that "today they look like snowflakes" when it's been snowing A LOT every other day since Christmas! You'd think we were used to what snowflakes look like now, but we're not. I guess they'd (this is that almighty powerful 'they' I like to use when I'm not really referring to anybody in particular...or maybe it's the weatherman.....I'm not really sure who this 'they' is.) better keep it coming until we know what snoflakes look like.

Super Bowl 2008

I don't really care about football. Josh doesn't really care about football. We do care about an excuse to have our friends over to play games and eat food. :) That's why we're so cool.

When we heard about how horribly snowy it was everywhere last night (my mom called and told us they were praying hard enough that they got church cancelled for the Super Bowl), we bailed on Egbert dinner because we just don't have the money or desire to wreck and fix our car again. So, we called and cancelled (sorry guys, we'll catch you later this month!) and made Jamie and Cameron come to us. The weather wasn't bad in Salt Lake, just down South, so we figured they could come and visit us safely.

We've been working on meal planning at our house, so the last time we went to the store we bought groceries based on specific meals that I planned to make. We did a surprisingly good job, but it means we didn't have a ton of food just hanging around. This is a good thing because it usually just gets wasted. But it was bad because we should have gone shopping again on Saturday, but decided to put it off till today and we had no groceries. Ooops. That meant Sunday dinner was going to be hard to come up with.

Fortunately I have a Bosch, and a few frozen bag dinners from Costco. So, last night it was yummy vegetabley chickeny pasta stuff with homemade breadsticks a salad and cinnamon rolls. You'd never know that just 1 hour before we were both searching our whole house finding NOTHING to eat on fast Sunday. It's a good thing we invited Jamie and Cameron over or we would have had popcorn for dinner. Yes, we're really that pathetic.

They came, we played games (Spades which Jamie and I still win every time, and Attika) and since Cameron likes football we had the game on in the background. I have to say I've never enjoyed football so much! I didn't watch the game, nor did I understand what was happening. BUT I did know what games we were playing, AND Cameron was kind enough to explain to me why we wanted each team to win. (One team would have a perfect season which hasn't happened since 1970-somthing, and the other one meant that the brother of one of the guys on the team that won last year would win - family legacy and all that.) That's one of the good things about Cameron - he really can find good in any situation. "Well, if the red guys win.....But if the blue guys win...... so really either way it's a good thing."

So, our Super Bowl Party 2008 was a good one. Games, food, football that was really just background noise. We might have to make this a tradition. Invite people over, as long as they promise to be more interested in us than the game. :) I think that's fair, right?
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