Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 9 - The House

Day 9 - Your dream house (description or photo!)

Bottom line? I don't know. Because I think I'm not old enough, nor have I lived in enough places to know FOR SURE what my dream house looks like. The more places I live, the more opinions I get. But here are the pieces I do know for sure.

Blue Shag Carpet? Out. Correction. All shag carpet. Out.
Plumbed for a dishwasher.
Big windows? Yes. Lots of them. Across from each other so the air can flow through the house.
Big blinds? Yes. You're welcome.
Garage larger than my car? Crucial. Actually I just saw a house with 3 1-car-garages all connected. It was SWEEEET. And if Josh gets his way, we'd need all 3 of those 1-car-garages. I want a big garage just as bad as Josh does today.
Yard? I cannot live without it ever again. And wouldn't it be cool if your neighbors couldn't see into it? At this point I'm not even sure that exists, but it sure sounds nice.
Open floor plan - except for the front room. There must be a front room from which you cannot see my dirty dishes, laundry, or carpet. However, I must be able to see multiple rooms from the kitchen.
Bathrooms? More than 1.  I hate using other people's restrooms. Always have, always will. So every time we go somewhere I come home and race for the bathroom. But you can't run up the stairs very fast without uncrossing your legs, so usually Josh beats me to it and he plants his butt firmly on the seat swearing that he "has to go bad too!" (which is hogwash) and I am outta luck. This couple must have more that one bathroom. Period.

The rest of the stuff is gravy: jetted tub, room for a piano, back porch for barbecues, pond/tiny waterfall in the backyard, driving distance from Utah's mountains AND Oregon's beaches (maybe when we get a hovercar? or a private jet?), a pantry, solid surface countertops with a dropped-in sink, a fridge with an ice dispenser, shelves built into the garage, a food storage room, a closet big enough to take a nap in, enough bedrooms so nobody feels displaced, someplace worth having french doors out of my bedroom, a backyard big enough for badminton, a vegetable garden, mature trees, nice neighbors, good schools yadda yadda yadda.

What all of that looks like put together, I'm just not sure yet. But I did come back to this photo 5 different times from 5 different websites and clicked on the link every time thinking "that's a beautiful home".

Primary Photo [click for next photo]

And it is. Don't you think?

I just spent a solid 45 minutes looking at floor plans online. I lied I have a lot more opinions and I sincerely hope that some day we get to build our own house. Because they are all SO close to perfect that it's a shame to not do it yourself and have perfect. Right?


  1. That is a way sweet house! I think it's funny all the "small things" you realize you want in your dream house based on the house you live in...for example, floor heating vents vs. ceiling heating vents...who knew?

  2. I agree! I have realized recently that I hate most houses! There are 2 definite types of houses that I LOVE! And I hate everything else. I can look at some houses and think, "how nice for them." but its just not for me. I am very specific and may not move from here until I can build my dream house. I am realizing too that I need it move in ready as my husband is just not handy. He won't admit it, but he is really not!

  3. That is a sweet house, I could see myself living there. My hubby and I bought this old house we live in now, gutted it and redid what we wanted it to have in it. Its still old, not our dream house, but its home.

  4. My kitchen and living room are connected so the dirty dishes thing gets me a lot. :( I guess it's good motivation to try to stay on top of it though! :p Just out of curiosity, how much does that big house cost? It is gorgeous!

  5. One day when you're done with your blueprints, can I use them? Cause that sounds awesome.

  6. We had to live in a few houses before we knew what was really important and what was not. It took a while, but we realized a big yard was absolutely out of the question since we both hate yard work. We thought we would like it and that we were both hard workers when we were first married. We know now that we are lazy and are happy with not too much work form a yard. An open floor plan is a MUST for us too and we hardly ever have company so I do not care if the one or two people that come in any given month see my kitchen or kid toys hanging around. If we entertained much then I would care to have that separate room. We like big roomy bathrooms too, even though we used to think they were a waste of space. Our choices for the perfect floor plan have changed a lot over time and as we began to know ourselves better. I guess it is good we have moved a lot.

  7. The home we just bought is far from my dream home, but maybe one day. . . As for this home my one and only total requirement is that you can not see the kitchen from the front door. I won't even look at a house with a kitchen visible from the front door. I'm just sayin, I've lived in my own place long enough to know, I can never keep the kitchen clean for any extended period of time.


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