Thursday, January 13, 2011


My daddy Santa gave me something to wear for Christmas.

It's totally backless.

He probably didn't know that when he bought it though, because I didn't know it until I put it on.

That's because all the pictures I've seen of this item, look like this:

They don't really highlight the backless nature of the Snuggie. They're busy highlighting the arm-full nature instead.

But when you're wearing it, you feel more like this:
Backless nature = highlighted.

Somehow that face (above*) is a lot cuter when you're in a wedding dress (below).

*Aren't you glad I labeled which was the Snuggie and which was the wedding dress? I could've had some really confused readers I think...

Thanks for the awesome present daddy. I promise not to wear it in public.


  1. Oooh! Mine is even the same colour! We are snuggietwins. Or, if you prefer, you could call it a slanket. That even sounds scandalous!

  2. Haha! Thats awesome...mine is leapard print if you ever need a different color! YOu know if your ever feeling the need to let out the inner animal.

  3. i think the face is cute in either dress or snuggie. :)
    i have something that's better than a snuggie, wanna see? i've been meaning to come out with my secret anyway, and this is the nudge i've needed. check my blog soon.

  4. I own that very snuggie. It's perfect to wear at my computer while I work. I do wish that it tied or fastened in the back, like a hospital gown. Nobody likes a cold bum!


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