Thursday, November 4, 2010


If I were naming the first year of Tommy's life it would be "The Year of Ish".

You know, like "I'll meet you at 10ish - heavy on the 'ish'."


We're happy and healthy and well rested - ish.


Tommy neverish cries.


My child didn'tish eat brownie batter off his binkie at 6 months old.

OK that last one might be abusing the Ish just a tiny bit....but you get the point.

So, now Tommy is walkingish. VERY heavy on the Ish. He's braver about reaching from one piece of furniture to the next and he sometimes accidentally takes a step or two on his own. Furniture = anything raised at least 1 inch off the floor. Blocks, toys, people, sofas, chairs, sippy cups, fire trucks, etc.

Also he doesn't like to touch the carpet. Josh thinks this has to do with the quantity of animal cracker paste ground into it. I think it's because he's playing Swamp Land and doesn't want to get eaten by alligators. Either way, he's constantly climbing up to sit/stand/step on things. Things = anything raised at least .1 inch off the floor. Books, blocks, toys, people, sofas, chairs, sippy cups, fire trucks, etc. (When was the last time you tried to balance on a sippy cup?)

The best part of all this is his constant wobbliness.

Combine the wobbliness with his near constant hiccups as he has milk dripping out of the corner of his mouth and we have one drunk-looking child.

I sit on the floor at least 4 feet away from him, he pulls himself up to stand against the chair and starts toward me. When he gets to the point where he can't get any closer to me without breaking contact with the chair he looks up, giving me his very best cheeser grin and takes a Frankenstein step or two toward me with both arms straight out. Then he topples over in a big hiccuping heap.

This is when I start to laugh hysterically and his insane gasping giggle sets in.

Maybe we're both drunk.....


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