Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bonus Hour: A Contest

Let's talk about about Daylight Savings.

I know everybody hates it, but let's just accept the fact that it exists and we're not the boss of it. Instead of discussing all the reasons it's useless and stupid and outdated and a PITA (pain in the....) let's just talk about what we did with it.

I changed my clocks at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Then I worked for a bonus hour last night. (I inherited a medical billing company from my sister. It's just me. So my work is never done.)

Josh spent his bonus hour talking to the Kirby vacuum sales lady (yes, again) about how God's existence is a lot like how great  a Kirby vacuum is. You just can't deny it. (Yes. She actually said that.)

So far I think Josh's mom wins the prize for "Best Use of the Bonus Hour". She's in Hawaii. And I don't care if she spent the whole hour picking her nose and reading about politicians, it was in Hawaii so it was still better spent than mine.

Would you win the contest for "Best Use of the Bonus Hour"? (BUBH - hey look at that! It's the Bubbah Prize!)


  1. I talked to the Kirby guy too, but I did get a cleaned carpet for free. :)

  2. In my book I would win. I got an extra hour of sleep. And to me, free sleep is priceless :) I climbed into bed at 10:30 and thought to myself "ughhh, it is SO late, why did I stay up this late?" Then I turned my clock back and though "It's ONLY 9:30?! SAWEET!" :)

  3. just so you know you shouldn't be seeing those kirby salesmen around anymore. long story but you are welcome!

  4. Our atomic clock didn't re-set itself like it was supposed to and I just noticed, so I am pretty sure I got two bonus hours. . . sort of.

  5. I'm sorry, but a kirby is a beautiful thing. Not that I would wish to spend my extra hour talking about one and how it relates to God. LOL. I would have to vote for Hawaii. wish. Me wish very much!


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