Saturday, November 27, 2010

Family Parties

Today we're missing the first family Christmas party of the season.

Surprisingly, I'm a little bummed, it sortof sounds like fun to go see everyone, play some basketball, eat some Thanksgiving leftovers....

You see, I sortof hate family Christmas parties.

Hate. Them.

I hate that you have to get a present, find something suitable to wear (but different from what you wore to the last one), and sacrifice a precious weekend evening to go have a party with people you either love and see regularly, or don't really care to both to see and see annually.

I hate the conversation about how "it's been way too long" and asking "what are you up to now" which really just means "I have no idea where you are in your life, at all. Are you 12 or 24? Do you have kids or grandkids? Are you certain we're related?" and that's just awkward.

On the other hand....there is the food....

So although we thought we'd be out of town today, partying it up in a far away land....we're home. Because Josh has roughly 20 thousand hours of homework to do, and most of it was due by 5pm yesterday. Curse the invention of e-mailing your assignments to the teacher! 

We'll see how many parties we make it to this year, I'm sure to complain about them all, and thoroughly enjoy them by the time we leave.

After all, it really has been too long.

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