Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas movies (and a CSN review)

Someday we may have to spring for a new tv tables like the ones CSN offers, but it would take a whole lot of review offers to work up to a $300 piece of furniture. In the meantime they're kind enough to let me do a review of something less costly, and you'll get to hear all about it soon. Perhaps when we're not paying tuition anymore we can spend our own money on extravagant items like furniture.

In the meantime, we have limited Tommy's asleep and we're awake moments, further limited by the dwindling evenings before Christmas comes. You know how there are only 3 more weekends until Christmas, right?

Well imagine that you can only watch 1 Christmas movie per weekend. That only leaves 3. What are they gonna be? 

The 3 Christmas flicks that are most mandatory at my house are without a doubt:  

While You Were Sleeping (yes, I know it's not a Christmas movie, but there's Christmas in it, and I like to watch it with a cup of hot chocolate, an oversized sweater, and a blanket....that makes it Christmas.)

We don't watch* so many movies lately because Tommy looks like this when we do.

And although it's fun to watch a movie in random order, we generally give up on movies long before they're over.

Did you notice my lovely tv stand? Sliding glass doors. You keep the kids who don't know how to slide. So......that worked for about a month of Tommy's life. Someday we'll be rich again and buy stuff that actually works. Until then, 3 movies sounds like a pretty lofty goal.

What if you only get to watch 3 Christmas movies this year? What will they be?

*You should know that these movies are the ones that we must watch with both eyes, while sitting in the same room as the tv, with fewer than 20 stop/pauses. We watched the new version of A Christmas Carol like a month ago....and we'll definitely see snippets of other Christmas movies. But those are not required to watch watch. 


  1. While You Were Sleeping is a definite essential. I'll have to decide on the other two.

  2. LOVE 'While You Were You Sleeping' - and it IS a Christmas movie in my family's book. Love Christmas movies.

  3. I'm pretty sure I've had While You Were Sleeping memorized for years now...but I still like to watch it! My poor husband has to listen to me recite the entire thing when we do watch it....


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