Friday, November 26, 2010


It was a lovely holiday.

We went to Josh's Aunt Lisa's house and ate all sorts of good food.

I made a pie for the first time in my life.

We came home and put up Christmas. (Well, most of Christmas...because now it's a 3 days process...thanks Bubbah.)

We shopped. Cami & I went to Walmart at midnight. In case you were wondering if that was a good idea, the answer is no. I've never seen so many crazy people in my life. There was blood. I'm pretty sure that we're on youtube somewhere. It was pure madness.

And since we didn't cook the turkey and we don't live with the people who cooked the turkey our thanksgiving leftovers are 1/2 of my blueberry pie. And you'd better believe I didn't cook today. So....yeah. Blueberry Pie for dinner. (It was delicious.)


  1. I was there too with my sisters and mom! It was crazy, and there was rioting over in that frozen foods section (where the dvds and blue rays were). It was like a huge display of some of the worst human qualities and I felt really ashamed somehow that I was there. But...I got some really cheap toys! ;)

  2. Um...did you also happen to notice a lot of people with their tiny kids there?!? One lady actually had her two year old grabbing stuff! CRAZY!

  3. Yes! The movie madness was the worst of it (wow!) and I saw 2 little kids going into the mosh pit and coming with stacks of DVDs under their chins (like Gus) for their parents to check out and then they'd take the rejects back in and drop them on the floor and grab more. Seriously.

  4. Yikes about Walmart. I was too chicken to go anywhere. Also, I made all the food for pretty much just me, so if you want some leftovers you should come visit us.


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