Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Bubbah LOVES him some books. Maybe because he knows that if he reads enough he'll be smart enough to speak more properly than his mother? Or because he'll be educated enough to not call his kid Bubbah.  Whatever. He reads.

Probably because they're oh so useful.

Books are great for peekaboo and quite helpful as step stools among other things.

I think that Bubbah liking books is one of my favorite things about him. I like the way he reads them (sideways, upsidedown, nose in the spine) and I like the way he demands to be read to on a regular basis.

He loves to turn the pages (because it's fun!) but not ALL of the pages. He gets to the page before the last page and panics. He looks up at me and smiles, he starts to squirm and tries to be charming (it's not a stretch) then he frantically flips backward to the beginning of the book again. So we start again. I wonder if he thinks he's pulled one over on this genius.....

"In the light of the moon, a little egg lay on a leaf......."

But before *spoiler alert* the caterpillar could possibly be "a beeeeautiful butterfly!!!" we're back in the light of the moon again.

I love the way he loves books.

Did you notice the one where he's pulling a book out of a box full of toys (Lower Left)? Typical.

Speaking of books we begin 50,000 more times than we finish them......

I'm almost finished with the Book of Mormon (due by Saturday) again. Only I'll be finishing in Jacob 5. You think it's strange to finish in Jacob 5? Well here's why.

Josh and I were reading together, we had just finished Jacob 5 when we went to the adult session of Stake Conference. That's when we were challenged to read the whole Book of Mormon by the time Stake Conference rolled around again (6 months).

We certainly wanted to participate, but we had just barely recovered from the Isaiah chapters and we had plowed through Jacob 5 in like a day (it's a LOOONG chapter). Everybody knows that doesn't happen twice in a row and we were too chicken to start over again.

So, we decided that once you pass Jacob 5 you don't ever go back. So we trudged forward deciding we'd just pretend that was the beginning.

That's why I'm finishing the Book of Mormon in Jacob 5.


  1. You are fabulous, and so is your babe. Which just goes to show that not ALL people named Bubbah are dumb. (But I wouldn't chance it, just in case.)


  2. I usually read Ether first, figure I'm going chronologically when I read...

  3. your baby is the sweetest sweetheart there ever was.


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