Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some random notes about this day.

I've done 3 (and a half) batches of hand-wash and there are still dirty dishes in the sink.

But that's OK because I made bread AND pumpkin cinnamon rolls. And dinner. All in one day. Then  I started making Josh's lunch for tomorrow.



Also we drove to Heber, know. Snow.

And the drive down Parley's canyon was very nearly ..... eventful ....... more than once. But we all made it home in one piece. Note to self: Josh is right, AWD is not the same as 4WD. That's why it starts with an "A" instead of a "4".


When I picked Tommy up so he could "help" me make bread, I realized that he's heavy. And large. And not soft. Or cuddly. Or tiny. So I made Josh weigh him.

That's how I know we'll be having the Turning of the Carseat Ceremony tomorrow.


Now that Josh has clinic on Monday mornings and has to leave here by quarter-after-five, I don't go running in the morning. Wanna guess if I'll be setting my alarm clock or not?


Tommy only cried for 15 minutes tonight after I put him down to bed. Until about 2 weeks ago that wouldn't have been blog-worthy. After the last 2 weeks though, it's not only blog worthy - it's eat one more pumpkin cinnamon roll worthy.


I turned the dining room table for yesterday's Gerber House Party, I haven't turned it back yet and I feel like I redecorated my whole house.

I really love that feeling.


The general session of Stake Conference today was lovely. But it didn't even come close to being as good as last night's session. Poor Josh had to settle for my pathetic recap of last night's meeting since he was school-ing during it.


  1. We're still rear-facing. :(

    And we've been having sleep strikes, too! I think I got as much sleep last night as I did the whole time Andrew was gone because Miriam finally slept through the night! :)

    And you're a domestic goddess.

  2. I totally forgot about the party yesterday, I am so sorry. Please don't hate me!!! I am such a spacey person lately, it is horrible. I would have loved to come and it looks like it was so much fun. You will have to let me know how it went. Yay for changing the carseat around, I am still waiting.

  3. Happy sleeping through the night Nancy! I hope you get PLENTY more of those, SOON.

    And Joanna, it's totally cool. We certainly missed you, but I completely understand.


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