Friday, July 13, 2012

Soggy McSoggerson

Tommy is so lucky that sometimes he gets to play with friends!
Ones with backyards!
Ones whose mothers let them play in those backyards!
Backyards with little pools!
And slides!
And buckets!
And water!
And "Mom, dirt EVERYWHERE!" (which is funny since the only dirt to be seen was in the potted plants on top of the pavers in the backyard.)
OK really just one of those friends. But we're REALLY glad he has that friend.

Since it was just a backyard splash pool and they might be coming in and out of the house I thought it would be better to leave him in a regular diaper instead of the useless swim diapers.

2 hours (and heaven only knows how much water) later that diaper had proven the extent of the absorbent abilities and I am well beyond impressed.

That diaper was so full that I could barely get his swim suit off over it - it was swollen bigger than the swimsuit. 

When I started laughing he started laughing, then he (accidentally) figured out that he could make the diaper swing like a pendulum and the laughing tripled.

We are lucky to have such great friends or we may never know how much our Target diapers could really hold.

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  1. Haha. I love it! And the target diapers are always my fave, but you guys really put them to the test.


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