Tuesday, November 2, 2010

gmail ads

You know how gmail reads your messages and puts advertising around the outside of your account that is custom fit for whatever you're talking about? So when you send 18 messages about the cost of diapers, you get ads to buy diapers online.

Well lately (in the last 12 hours) my messages are all about turkey - and Hawaii.

So my ads are:

Yacht Charter in Turkey
Luxury Vacation on a Turkish Yacht Fully Crewed with Gourmet Cuisine

Thanksgiving Turkeys
Raised on organic free range pastures and soy-free Cocofeed.

Also see:
Free Range Turkey
Turkey Dance Hula

Sometimes I wonder what google would say about me if it could hear my conversations in real life. 


  1. Clearly your emails are way more exciting than mine. The ads that I get are things like godaddy.com "buy your own website." Seriously? Lame.

    Also, why are you talking about Hawaii? I hope it's because you're planning a secret getaway there. Although I have to say that Turkish yacht might sound MORE exciting than Hawaii to me. Don't tell ;)

  2. If only....my sister seems to think that we (all the other siblings) should send her and her husband to Hawaii as a gift to may parents. :D If only....

  3. It's all because of the scout fundraiser! My ads are the exact same!


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