Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good friends

When you live *so far* from family (at least a 20 minutes drive....) it's good to have friends.

Because sometimes you have to go visit strangers and the back of your hair simply won't curl.

And you didn't make dinner for your husband or anyone else.

And your kid has nowhere to be for the 1 hour overlap between when you're late for your meeting and your husband is not home yet from his meeting.

That's when you call a friend and say "I know I said I'd bring him over at 6:45, and it's only 6, but I'm apparently incapable of doing my hair and I was really hoping you'd fix it for me." And your friend says "I'll go heat up my flat iron, see you in 5 minutes."

Then she fixes the back of your hair, blames it on the hair instead of you so you don't feel stupid, plays with your child and sends your husband home with dinner for 2 an hour later.

What would I do if I was expected to take care of my family all by myself?


  1. ohhhhhh! This did my heart good to read! I'm glad you have lots and lots of sisters.

  2. i heart your friends too... do ya think they'd want to be friends with me? ;)


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