Monday, November 15, 2010

Do you think....

Do you think that if I filled all the forbidden cupboards with toys Tommy would stay out of them?

Do you think that if I put confidential information in the diaper pail instead of the shredder it's more effective?

Do you think that babies ever adjust to the time change?

Do you think that if Josh quits work to go to school they'll let us quit paying the mortgage and start paying tuition?

Do you think men get baby hungry before women after the first?

Do you think that people who are not naturally meek and humble can learn to become so?

Do you think that you like Tommy more than he does?

Probably not.


  1. I DO have one kitchen cabinet that is filled with toys.

    And I also think that the men DO get baby hungry least that has been the case for us. I will still be in 'survival mode' with my youngest when James starts talking about 'the next one' Aaahhh!

  2. no the cupboards are the toy
    yes, the diaper pail is a great solution!
    my babies haven't quite adjusted to the time change.
    And I am thoroughly impressed by your so-shiny-you-can-see-your-reflection-in-it appliance! Go you!

  3. I'm pretty sure Ellie's diaper pail would be safer than a shredder! Next time I'm splurging for one of those diaper genie things. And I'll have Ellie give Tommy some pointers on the time change--somehow she automatically switches with the time change. It's been awesome. And my man DEFINITELY got baby hungry before me! I'd very happily be set for the next few years.

  4. i have a kitchen cabinet filled with toys too, and it totally works! plus i let them play in my tupperware because i figure it's not breakable and is easy enough to clean up- if it fulfills some urge to open cupboards and play that's fine with me!

    also, luke is NEVER baby hungry. i've tricked him into getting pregnant every time. funny! so, i'm assuming josh is baby hungry??? go amy go!

  5. Whoa. Your kid is adorable, Amy. That first picture kinda made me squeal inside.

  6. Katy - things always appear shinier in pictures. It's filthy in real life.

    Ashlie - you tricked him? That is a story I want to hear. :)

  7. yes, i am evil like that... i just say to him "well dear, you know it usually takes quite a while for people to get pregnant (because he really isn't very educated on that subject), like usually a year or so... so, we should probably start trying now. what if it takes a REALLY long time?!"

  8. lol Ashlie I played that one on Josh started about 6 months after we got married, he didn't buy it for another 3 months and THEN it came true! *geez*


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