Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Things I hate: the election and the news

I hate elections.

Don't get me wrong, I love that we get to vote. And I always do. (Which is stupid because sometimes I force Josh to vote too and he cancels out my vote on pretty much everything. We couldda just saved ourselves 10 minutes - but then we wouldn't get a sticker.) But I hate the months (years?) leading up to and immediately following the elections where we have to listen to politicians talk about how much they hate each other.

And I hate waiting in lines. And the obnoxious people who wait to vote until they see me going in just so they can make me crazy.

And I hate that The Election is all that anybody can talk about. (Including me. This post is Exhibit A.)

But this year it's all different.

I could watch that anti Sam Katz commercial 10,000 times and still laugh about it every time. Did you click the link and watch it? If not you really really should. I guarantee you'll laugh. If you don't I'll mail you a dime.

When I went to vote there were 3 open machines, a friend of mine manning the check in, and ZERO obnoxious people around me. Probably that means I was the obnoxious one....sorry.

I also hate the news.

Mostly because all weathermen are annoying. Are you a weatherman? Well, obviously I don't mean you. And all sports reporters have nasal voices. And so I hate the news.

This morning I hate them both because SOMETHING happened in my neighborhood last night and NOBODY wants to tell me what it was.

Stupid news thinks that the future of the country and the results of the election are more important than the SWAT team and police cars that barricaded the street in my hood. How am I supposed to know which of my neighbors is crazy and/or dealing drugs if the news won't tell me?

I can now hate The Election and the news again. Because together they're far worse than they are alone. That's the opposite of synergy. We'll call it righteous-ergy.


  1. I watched it. I laughed. No need to send me a dime. :)

  2. This is all of the information I have gotten about the "situation".

    And I guarantee you are never the obnoxious one!!

  3. We came home at 10 last night and kept looking for something about it on the news, or on one of their web sites, and then Matt (my husband) finally called channel 2 to ask them if they new! They didn't tell us the right thing according to that article though....they said it was a suicidal guy with his 4 kids barricaded in the house....glad it wasn't!

  4. He kicks children in the face?!

  5. No need to send me a dime either. The write up was pretty good, but when they said child I was picturing a 5 or 6 year old, not a tween who could kick him back.


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