Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sugarfast 2010

Usually I sugarfast through the holidays. Josh does it with me and sometimes my sister will join in and it's a beautiful thing. There are maybe 2 days from October - March that merit eating some kind of sweet treat but other than that I pass on all desserts, candies and sweets.

This year I started sugarfast without Josh. He doesn't have the "fast or binge" mindset so it isn't as big of a deal for him. It's harder when you're the only one sugarfasting.

But on Halloween-eve my extraordinarily generous nephew offered to share his hard earned candy with me. I had no problem until I saw the lemonhead.

Lemonheads taste like summers at the PG pool. The old one. With the good deep end and a high dive. I love the PG pool and I wanted a lemonhead. And if there's one thing I've learned on Nutrimirror it's that you can have 1 lemonhead and not gain 50 pounds.

So I ate a lemonhead.

And just like that Sugarfast 2010 is over.

After the lemonhead there was an exceptionally delicious pumpkin-pie-dessert at Mom-Reilley's, and of course she made sugar cookies. And it would have been rude not to partake.

Now I just have to decide if I want to have Sugarfast 2010: The Sequel or if I just want to keep my food logs green and let it be.

Moderation is much harder for me than fasting.


  1. I'm going to be the Devil's advocate and say don't do that fast. :)

  2. Your describing me to a "T". Either i'm all out eating everything with sugar or i have to completely stay away! Staying is definitely easier.

  3. I agree about the moderation thing. Losing weight would be a cinch if I could quit food altogether. It's the eating enough but not too much that kills me.

  4. I also think moderation is much harder than abstaining. What I end up doing is letting myself have one day for sweets a week. It varies depending on what is going on that week, but the rest of the week I don't eat treats.

  5. I keep thinking I will just stop buying treats and that will be good enough, but I struggle with even that! Wanna eat all the treats in my house so I can buy all the new ones I have been craving?

  6. I gotta say I love memories of the PG pool but still lemon heads didn't even tempt me. Tootsie rolls, cookies, snickers etc etc. Maybe I oughta sugar fast with you again but then people felt obligated to provide healthy alternate treats...I probably won't decide until January. ;)

  7. Speaking of lemonheads. I LOVE THEM. But more than just loving the regular hard lemonheads, have you tried the chewy lemonheads. Oh My Gosh! To die for. Especially the tropical version. I have only found those ones at the dollar store. TO DIE FOR. But if you get addicted it wasn't my fault.

  8. I just decided today. It needs to be today. Sugarfast 2010 and I need some serious help. The rules are I can have b-day cake on Dec 15th but other than that, no candy. no dessert. What were some of those iffy exceptions that I need to specify?


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