Saturday, November 13, 2010


In my life I've had the opportunity to do loads of things for which I'm painfully unqualified. And I like to think I've learned plenty from each experience.

Remember when I ran a 5k? I was certainly unqualified for that and it changed my life.

One time I rode the bus from my parents house to my dad's law office where I worked. As an unobservant 15 year old with a tendency for becoming lost, I count myself unqualified to use public transportation.

I once worked in a Real Estate office and did things like writing contracts, working up advertisements and writing policies and procedures manuals for the company. My 2 year degree from LDS Business College certainly didn't give me the real estate/legal/advertising/business training one would normally hope for in a person completing those tasks.

Then there was the time the mormons asked me to teach a large group of women, all of whom are far more experienced than I, about the gospel. Remember? I made this face when I found out....

But being a mother puts all of those things to shame.

Bubbah and I went to a baby shower today. Bubbah wasn't happy about the game where I drink a bottle faster than anybody else in the room and he doesn't get anything.

So he cried.

So the room full of women who have all successfully raised children tried to help.

But he's scared of people.

So he cried.

So they suggested things.

But he was tired.

So he cried.

So I stared at the ground, wished the mother-to-be good luck and hauled my sobbing baby out to the car where I put him in the torture chamber and drove him straight into hell buckled him in and headed for home.

I'm not qualified to do very many things, but being a mother is the one that's most apparent thing today.


  1. My Tommy just isn't qualified to be a child today. Wait...ummm...

  2. that would have totally happened to the most qualified mother even amy!

    did you win the bottle drinking game?

  3. I've soooo been there!! Too many times to count! In fact I think most people in our ward are sick of hearing me recount how often I've sooo been there :)

  4. You totally make me laugh with every post you make. Every single day I think I wasn't qualified to be a mom but I love it and wouldn't want anything else, and just get through it.

  5. Oh sweetie! Nobody is qualified! We just do it, and pretend to be qualified. But it all works out.
    Think about it this way... it's your first experience being his mother, and it's his first experience at being your son. It will all pan out. And nobody is as qualified as you are to be Tommy's Mom.
    Love you Amy.


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