Sunday, November 14, 2010

The one where Bubbah says 'please'

Tommy learned something!

Not that he hasn't learned anything since he couldn't even keep his own eyes open, but that I don't really feel like we've taught him anything. He has figured stuff out on his own, but it's mostly the kind of stuff that you just sortof develop on your own. He has never done anything on command.

Except yesterday he signed "please" to me about 900 times in a row. As in "please give me another bite of yogurt" or "please stuff the spanish rice in my mouth" or "please let me sip my milk". So maybe he thinks it means food, or maybe he thinks it means eat, or maybe he thinks it means more, or maybe he thinks it means please. I don't really know (or care) because the cool part is that I'd say "say please" and he would.

Over and over and over again.

I dare say there is nothing cooler than watching your kid do something you taught them. NOTHING.


  1. Nothing cooler and/or humbling...depending on what it is :) I'm glad he learned something good from you (not that he wouldn''re great parents!) good job Tommy!

  2. I completely agree. Unless it's repeating a bad word you let slip one too many times. Last week, Lola crawled around the house saying, "Dam, dam, dam, dam, dam"

    And yes, I choose to spell it that way to make it less offensive.

    Yeah for Tommy! Such a sweet boy :)

  3. Enjoy it while they are still willing to do the things that you taught them!! ;)


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