Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who threw it first?

The first "who threw the first snowball of the season" post was dated September 25.

In 2008 it was October 13.

Last year, we had to wait until October 27 for me to take a commanding lead.

Today is November 9th.

Are we sensing a horribly painful pattern? Yes.

We used to drive up the canyon to meet the first snowfall halfway.

Then we had a baby.

And now we sit around in our living room, waiting on our derrières (don't google that - your eyes will burn out of your skull....) for the snow to fall just outside our house. So although the rest of the state celebrated their first snowfall weeks ago. We just barely got ours today.

Here's what happened:

I woke up to go running and when I opened the door to be greeted by the beauty of snow falling in the dark, the most genuine smile I've had in months crossed my face.

Since Josh spent all of last year whining about how last year's victory was "cheating", I opted to work out first and settle the score when I returned.

By the time I got back the sun had come up and I plotted my revenge the whole way home. I began to form my snowball along the way.

The blinds on the big window were already open indicating that Josh had already showered and started Tommy's breakfast. Most likely he was still in the living room.

So I stood in the driveway and packed more snow on the first snowball and threw it up to the window hoping to catch his attention.

Side note: I throw like a girl. That's only one reason this tradition is so fun. Really I have no chance of winning a "fair" fight because I can't aim. So generally "cheating" is my only option.

Miraculously my first toss was dead on. In fact I'm still looking at the snow-blob it left on the window. He didn't come, so I threw another (and missed), and another (and missed) and another (and missed) before I gave up and started to think of another plan.

Suddenly he was sneaking around the corner, barefooted, half-naked and with a snowball in his hand cocked and ready to throw. I ducked behind the car and prepared my next ball.

Although I can't throw worth anything, my ducking/dodging abilities are sound.

So we chased each other around the front "yard" (driveway....) throwing snowballs for quite a few minutes before he finally retreated to the entryway. I hid behind the car, he hid just inside the front door. I threw snowballs at the window in front of him and hit him right in the face more than once through the window. But, no contact = no point.

Finally his bare toes thawed enough that he came back outside and finished me off for good. He nailed me. With a real snowball. In a fair fight. And I conceded defeat.

So this year, we're all tied up: Amy - 3, Josh - 3.


  1. You are too nice, Amy.

    When we got our first snow, back in the middle of October (yeah, then, what is up with that?) Andrew *almost* got me. I was in the shower and he had already left for school. He came back inside with a snowball and was going to throw it at me (while I was in the shower--rude)! Luckily I had the baby in with me and he didn't want the snow to fall on our little baby who was so warm in the shower. Isn't he considerate? He wouldn't have hesitated if I had been alone, but with the baby...

    TMI, maybe?

    Anyway...I hate snow. Though I will concede that it can be fun.

  2. I have been WAITING for this! Sorry you lost the point this year, but GREAT JOB for playing fair. :)

  3. Dear Amy,
    I love you because you make me laugh.

  4. http://katyskravings.blogspot.com/2010/11/more-photos.html

    Ryann actually won so...

  5. wow, the snow at your house is so much more romantic than the snow at mine. this is my experience:
    wake up, look out the window, exclaim "snow!", then immediately after "dang that sucks, you have to drive to tooele in that...". the end.


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