Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Grocery Store and Other Road Trips

The first time we came to this house to see it, we both looked at each other on the way "out here" and said "We'll never live this far away from everything. Look! There's nothing out here! Who DOES that?" Of course now we live out here and the trip "into town" really isn't that far, but the first time it was far.

When we give people directions to our house we tell them to head West until they think they've found the edge of civilization then go 10 more minutes and you're almost to where you turn.

The day we moved into our house I was voted the most appropriate person to "run to the store real quick to get some cleaning supplies."

I drove through (and got lost in) about 10 different parts of town. I followed the road that followed the freeway assuming that eventually I would find a regular normal grocery store and be able to buy some Windex.

I was wrong. Terribly, painfully, gas-wastingly wrong.

Now I know that I missed the only grocery store between here and Timbuktoo and unknowingly opted instead to cross city lines and find the store in Timbuktoo.

**Side story: Last week we had to take a detour on our way home because the only real road leading to our neighborhood was closed. So we backtracked through umpteen-gazillion neighborhoods and 3 hours later made it home. While going through those neighborhoods I told Josh that "This is where I was when I was trying to find the store to buy Windex when we moved in!" he informed me that anytime we're in unfamiliar territory in Utah or any other state it's "where I was when I was trying to find the store to buy Windex when we moved in."  I stuck my tongue out at him and said "nuh-uhhhh"**

So, yeah. It's a road trip to go to the store. At least in my world it's a road trip.

I load up Bubbah with shoes, a blanket, snack and a sippie. I throw on a really great singing CD and we head out.

Of course every road trip needs it's car photos.

Now I know why forward-facing is more dangerous. The driver is required to play "peek a boo" in the mirror with the kid.

See how you feel like you've fallen off the end of the world? We're almost to the turn to the road to my house....


  1. This is great. I would like to steal it for a column. And good visuals, too.

    Here's wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving with plenty of opportunities for mental caressing. (Amy, doll, feel free to delete is. I won't be offended.)

  2. I agree- Why aren't there any stores around here??? I totally thought there would be some by now.

  3. I can honestly say, I don't really miss that part of living there. Now I can walk to a store... in good weather. I'm not that desperate for groceries to brave rain, cold, wind, or other non-ideal conditions. Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!!!

  4. When your SL area address has 4 numbers and begins with an 8, we'll talk about being at the end of the world. Which is Dugway, in case you were wondering.


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