Friday, November 5, 2010

When left unattended

Bubbah* has a new favorite place in this house.

That was a lie.

It's not a new favorite.

It has always been his favorite.

Probably because it's one of my favorites.

So anytime I leave him alone he races for my corner.

Which wouldn't be a problem if it were remotely child-proof. But it isn't.

*It has been brought to my attention (more than once) that "Bubbah" is a horrible name for a child. And while I would totally agree if it was coming out of anyone else's mouth, I'll probably keep calling him that for a while. He's been through his share of horrible nicknames, and he's survived them all - this too shall pass. Don't worry. His birth certificate still has a completely respectable name which is probably the only one that will stick with him for life.


  1. Well, we've called my friend's little brother "Lumpy" since he was a little boy and he was on, well frankly, the lumpy side. He's almost 30 now, tall and slender, and we still call him Lumpy and he's told us time and time again when we try to call him Jake or Jacob, "call me Lumpy."
    Bubbah is a fine nickname!

  2. Doll, I always love it when you drop by my blog. And of course it's a real pleasure to visit yours.

  3. Bubbah isn't a bad nickname! I think it is adorable. I call Noah many names, like boogerbrain and cheeseface and stinker-pants.... oh wow. I sound like a horrible mother.

  4. I have been reading your blog for a while, and I love your writing style!

    We call our 1 year old, booger, and stinker and he answers to those names quite happily. So Bubbah is actually pretty good. And as far as finding and getting into whatever you don't want him to-- it probably will just get worse from here no matter how child proof you feel like you are. Boys are rather inventive.


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