Tuesday, November 2, 2010

honest to goodness the horrible awful truth

Life at our house is stressful and mostly unpleasant right now.

Josh has more on his plate than he can handle.

I can't handle that.

Now it's starting to show.

This is what my kitchen looked like for 4 solid days.

Do you need help identifying the major problems? Allow me to point out the issues:

  • The pile of stuff closest to you (if you were taking the picture which you're not because you're sitting comfortably in your clean good-smelling house). Not one of those items even belongs in the kitchen. Bike tires, hairspray, bandaids and magazines....not kitchen materials. 
  • We'll skip the dirty dishes in the sink because they're the least of my problems. 
  • Chemicals on the counter where they've been for 4 DAYS. Bath toys, cleaning rags, and an open bottle of peach syrup. 
  • And one more tiny little thing. The faucet. Did you notice that it isn't there? If Josh had asked me how long I could live without a kitchen faucet I would have told him 15 minutes. But somehow I survived a  faucetless kitchen for 3 days. I scrubbed potatoes in the bathroom sink and washed pots and pans in the bathtub.

I managed to clean the kitchen yesterday so it looks better today.

Today I haven't managed to get ready post-run. But since I went to vote I did bother to throw on a hat.

That is exactly as pretty as I intend to be today.

Because that's exactly as good as I feel today.


  1. We keep our band aids in the kitchen. Go us!! :D

    You look lovely. :)

  2. We are totally with you! Minus the faucet-less sink anyway. I have been working like mad on homework and Nate has been feeling sick so rather than sweep up the cheerios Taege spilled yesterday, we dumped out a pile of cookie cutters and crunched the cheerios one by one every time we walked in the kitchen.

  3. I can't begin to tell you how much I can relate to your first 3 or 4 sentences!! Luckily we still have a faucet..and we don't have a baby, so I think our mess will take a little longer to show! If I looked that good after running..I might do it more often! I hope your faucet is fixed soon!

  4. I'm so sorry it's been so crazy. But I do have to say...if that's your "didn't get ready after running and don't care to" look, I am jealous! You look awesome (for real).

  5. What happened to your faucet?

    And ummm your kitchen looks pretty good to me!


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