Monday, October 13, 2008

Me: 2 Josh: 2

There are some things in my life that need to be documented. Some things can fly under the radar, but every once in a while I just have to stand up on my chair, raise my arms in the air, and shout “I won!!!!!”

The first winter that Josh and I were dating, I started a life-long snowball fight. I threw the first snowball of the season at him, and NAILED him right in the back. He proceeded to white wash me and got me 10 times more than I got him, but I’ve always maintained that no matter how many snowballs he throws at me (quite a few) he will never be able to take away that I got the first one of our relationship and that’s worth like 10 million others.

Each year since that, we race to see who gets to throw the first snowball of the season. Usually it involves a drive up the canyon early in the fall so we can find snow earlier than it’s at our house, but this year that just hasn’t happened. We’re lazy.

The first snowfall in the valley was Sunday and we woke up and Katy and Randy’s house. I saw the snow and tried to wake up Josh to get him to come play in it with me, but he was too tired and wouldn’t get up. So, I went outside and brought a tiny little “snowball” inside to throw at him while he was still in bed. It was like the size of a pea because I didn’t want to ruin Katy’s house or be irreverent. He told me it didn’t count, even thought it hit him right in the face (I suck at aim, so that was pretty impressive). So, after he finally rolled his lazy butt off the air mattress, I went outside and got a real snowball, packed it real good (so it wouldn’t make a big mess) and came back in to throw it at him. I NAILED him again!

I swear, nothing is more gratifying than watching the perfect snowball hit somebody RIGHT where you aimed and watching it break apart into snow and falling on the ground (or in this case, my sister’s hardwood floor….). HOWEVER, this year, I think the look on Josh’s face might have topped all of that.

The total scores are now tied (unless you count the first snowball as 1,000 and I think you should, in which case it’s 1,001 to 2). And all I have to say is:

WA HOOOO!!!!!! I WON!!!!!


  1. Go Amy! Throw some snow up our way!

  2. WAHOO! Congrats! I seriously avoid snow at ALL costs! The only way my son will ever experience snow is if my dad or brother or sisters take him out in it. He likes watching it from inside our headed house (with Mom)!

    Have a wonderful snowball-filled season! Just's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.


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