Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A tour of my iTunes

I think you can learn a lot about a person by scanning their music collection.

Unless of course we're talking about me. Then you'll learn nothing.

Because if you put the iTunes on shuffle and just let it play through all of the music, only 1 in every 10 songs is "regular music". The other 9 are talks, books on CD or Religious songs.

I suppose that does tell you some things about me: 1) I'm married to a man who doesn't read but I desperately wish he did, so we compromise and I force him to listen instead. 2) We're Mormon. And we listen to nothing but church music on Sundays. And for 2 whole years Josh listened to nothing but church music every day. So we have a lotta church music. A really lotta church music.

Of the "regular music" songs, 80% are Christmas songs. I suppose that also tells you something about me. I don't stop listening to Christmas music. Ever. Because I like it. I also don't stop listening to "normal" music. Not even on Christmas Eve.

But the point is that there is a lot of really great music I wish I owned that I don't. I'm simply too cheap to pay for the privilege of listening to music. So I listen to the radio (I know...I'm the ONLY one) and I build free playlists online to keep me company when "Oh Holy Night" refuses to stop coming up in iTunes.

So 1) I'm cheap. 2) my husband doesn't read 3) we're Mormon. That's what you learn from my iTunes.

Wanna know what I thought you'd learn?

1) I grew up during the "let's make a mix because it's fun" era. None of my music comes from the actual album, but from albums with titles like "20 Songs Guaranteed to Make you Cry" (by Jamie & Amy), or "That Mix We Made on Halloween" (by Olie and Amy) or "I Love you You're Perfect, Now Change!" (by Stick and Amy) and a re-discovered favorite "Take It Down a Notch" (by and from Heather).

2) I own music like "Summer Girls" LFO. It's to prove that I was cool one time. I wans't, but I'm on a quest to prove that I was.

3) I like it all. Mostly. I'm a little bit proud (not in the "I'm going to hell" way but in the "not bad...not bad..." way) of the randomness of the music collection. We have the Lion King, Guster, Anne Murray, Garth Brooks, Peter Paul & Mary, 98 Degrees, Mo Tab, Cake, Weird Al, Frank Sinatra, Jack Johnson and of course Glee Cast on our most frequently played list. It's all good.

What's in your music collection?


  1. Sounds like my iTunes. I LOVE the randomness behind it...it drives my family crazy, but it makes me happy.

  2. Mine is probably to mainstream to be interesting. I'm into alternative music mostly. Although, I'm a sucker for crooners and big band music too. Scott, on the other hand, has totally eclectic taste! He certainly spices up our i-tunes library.

  3. Have you ever tried Pandora? I also refuse to pay to listen to music, so this is a good thing for me!

  4. cute! def "not bad... not bad..." .

    i'm going to go see what's on my ipod now...

  5. One of the best mixes ever.
    "I love you, You're perfect, now change"
    Still one of my favorites.

  6. You still have that cd?! I don't even remember what is on it- is that the one with "cheek to cheek" and "trouble" on it?

    p.s. The other day I found letters you wrote me during my first year of college.


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