Monday, September 27, 2010


I'm curious. How many birthdays do you keep track of and remember every year?

I feel really good about myself because I can remember Josh's every year.
And Cameron's but only because it's on September 11th. And I think that would really suck.

Also I always remember my cousin Gina's birthday. That's because it's on "nove tooth" or November 12th. But we said "nov tooth" about 900 times one day in reference to her birthday and now I can't even think about that date without thinking of her and her birthday.

But that's pretty much where it ends.

Grandma Huggie has a birthday book. She remembers EVERYBODY'S birthday. And she calls them to wish them a happy one. I'm pretty sure that she makes birthday phone calls every single morning. And it's not just family, it's friends and neighbors and a million people she loves.

I'd like to be that thoughtful, but birthdays simply aren't my thing.

So when someone whose birthday I really should know (we're talking blood relatives and lifelong friends here...) celebrates their advancing age and I totally space it, how guilty should I feel?


  1. That's because G. Huggie is AMAZING. You usually remember mine...that's probably cause it's close to yours though. I am horrible at remembering most people's's a hard thing to do!! I don't think you need to feel toooo guilty. Only if you don't wish me a Happy Birthday. ;) J/k!!

  2. I hate it when I miss a BD. I have a BD calendar list that I keep on one of my blog sites. You can set it up as a page on your blog and add people and dates for each month. It helps!

  3. I feel so special! Thanks. :) I have a birthday calendar on my wall. It just lists the numbers and not the days so that it can be "recycled" every year. It's nice. My mom's birthday is also Sept 11.

  4. I'm not offended if anyone forgets my b-day. no guilt from the marshes. :D


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