Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sympathy for the 2-handed wasters

We have a laundry system in my house.

Whoever has a bigger problem with going around naked first is the one who does the laundry.

Since Tommy prefers to spend his time in the nude, he never does laundry.

Since I stay home almost every day and even leave the blinds closed all through some days, I care less about going naked than Josh does.

So lots of times Josh does laundry.

But here's the thing. When I do laundry I do it very efficiently with a baby on one hip and a laundry basket on the other. I use one hand to dispense the detergent into the cup and then pour it into the machine. Then I squat while Tommy sits on my lap and "helps" me put the dirty clothes in our fancy shmancy front load washer. I push the buttons, close the door with my foot and head straight for the fridge which is almost always my real destination.

Because of my system, it's important to me that the cup is directly below the spout out of which the detergent comes. When you only have one hand to dispense the liquid, you notice when the cup is not there to catch it.

That's why it bothered me so much that Josh thinks it's funny to move the cup (and it's coaster) out from under the spout.

Until last week I was relatively certain that he was doing it just to annoy me. But when I happened to be walking down the hallway watching him use TWO hands to do the laundry, it made perfect sense why he never put the cup back under the spout. When you lift the cup to the spout to fill it, you don't care if it lands directly under the spout when you're done or not.

So I gave him a speech about how although it's sometimes frustrating to live with a less-evolved creature than myself, I forgave him for being so wasteful with his incredible gift of two hands.

He can't help that he's less efficient than I am.

And now I wonder, do blind people get mad when seeing people can't hear as well as they can?

*Update: This post was written in a happier time when Josh had time for things like laundry. As part of him going back to school I'm taking on all of the household chores. I do all laundry, dishes, ironing, cleaning, cooking, parenting, plant watering and any other household item that comes up. I'd give the only hand I have left to have that laundry cup move without my help now.*


  1. Ooo! Look at all the skills and talents motherhood helps you discover!

  2. haha i can't tell you how much i enjoy (and relate) to this post. so so funny!!!

  3. Tip: I was having similar problems and I came up with this. I place the soap dispenser on the dryer right by the washer. Then I counted how many seconds it takes to fill the cup. Then I never used the cup again. I just push the button and count to three and it goes straight into the washer.

    Tip 2: Always have one more pair of underwear than your husband it's always boded well for me.

  4. I'm there with you--this morning Rachel asked if Andrew lives at school. He's just gone before you get up, comes home for dinner, and then you go to bed and don't see him until dinner next day. So, basically he does live at school. But he still sleeps at home.

  5. I LOVE you're system:

    "Whoever has a bigger problem with going around naked first is the one who does the laundry."

    GENIUS! Isn't it funny what a difference having 2 hands does to the process!


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