Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My mental health day

On Saturday I came home to an empty house after a morning out running errands.

My cell phone was dead, and when Josh couldn't get in touch with me and couldn't stand the thought of waiting one more minute to go to work, he just took Tommy with him planning to drop him off at Grandma's house.

Which is why I came home to a completely empty house.

That hasn't happened since before Tommy was born. And it was a little eerie. I walked through all 3 rooms of this house like 3 times before I really believed I was alone.

So I called Josh, who told me to go do whatever I wanted. I thanked him and sat down to get some work done. Then made a list of all the house stuff that really couldn't wait one more day. Dishes, laundry, dinner, floors, bathrooms, work....

That's when I called Josh back and told him I had every intention of blowing it all off and did he mind if I took off without my cell phone and came home only when I was good and ready. He said sure, go enjoy a day off.

So I did.

I got in the car and cranked the music and rolled down the windows and headed for downtown.

Farmer's Market was the first stop, and parking 3 blocks away was my pleasure because when you're not pushing a stroller or potentially carrying 20 pounds of weeping child back to the car with you, it doesn't really matter if you park 3 blocks away.

I wandered Farmer's Market stopping only when I wanted to, and every time I wanted to. 
I stopped and coveted and touched the handmade leather books. 
I looked at art displays and photography exhibits. 
I avoided all free samples - accepting only one bite of peach which the booth owner assured me was "not a free sample. It's a temptation." and it was. 
I looked at jewelry I'd never buy. 
I walked slow past the fresh fruit pies seriously considering the purchase, but ultimately moving on (I'm still wondering....was that a mistake?)
I wandered toward the hippie drumming sounds in one corner, then rushed past them because I was afraid they'd make eye contact. 
I did whatever I wanted the whole time. 

But I wasn't done wandering and window shopping and listening to the sounds of a city instead of the voice in my head reminding me of the things I really ought to be doing. 

So I headed to Gateway mall, which was (of course) beautiful. 
And while I was there I watched a movie. 
And when the lady asked if I wanted to get a "large drink for just a quarter more" I said "absolutely I do" in my best Pam Beesly voice.

I may have set a record for Most Time Spent Shopping Without Buying a Thing. Unless of course you count the movies....

But here's the best part. 5 hours later, I came home to see my boys just waking up from a nap and I was so unexhausted that I immediately forced them to go to the State Fair.

Josh, however, was completely wiped out from his full day of baby-ing and working. He could hardly stand and probably didn't appreciate it when I told him it was lame to stay home on the LAST day of the fair! But he humored me anyway.

So we went. Because for the first time in 11 months and 7 days, I was the one who hadn't had it at the end of the day. 

Nice huh?

So, while it was completely selfish and irresponsible and unnecessary, I'm glad I blew it all off and played all by myself. 


  1. Sometimes you just need days like that. I'm glad you got one friend!!

  2. Awesome. I'm a little jealous. I'll probably get one of those in like 30 years when all my kids are grown and leave the house. Maybe Josh could give Scott some pointers? ;)

  3. Good for you! It sounds like it was a great day, and a very good, well-deserved break!

  4. So happy for you! I can't imagine going to the movies by myself :) You earn a gold star for Mommy time!


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