Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the man child goes to the city

Yesterday I decided that instead of eating lunch in my living room, Tommy and I were going to have lunch with Aundrea so I could get my fix of downtown and Aundrea.

I intentionally parked far away although technically there isn't really anywhere close to park either. Mostly because walking through downtown is therapeutic for me.

And after a lovely lunch in the cafeteria (and saying hi to people I miss there) I wandered temple square and downtown. We went to Deseret Book in its new and (probably) improved place which smells so good. Like books. And new. And only a tiny bit like downtown.

We played on the lawn of the Admin building and Tommy tried to eat the flowers but stopped when I asked him nicely to "knock it off".

We wandered through the avenues for a bit remember all the million walks downtown we used to take. Oh wait. That was just me. Tommy sat there wondering why we were still wandering.

Sometimes you just need your fix of "the good ol' days".

It was one of those days.

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