Tuesday, September 7, 2010


On Thursday Josh called me and asked if we had plans he didn't know about for the Holiday weekend.

Given that my version of "making plans" these days has more to do with napping and eating than.....well anything else, he would've been safe betting that my answer was a slightly hysterical "You actually think I'm going to initiate either one of us getting off the couch this weekend? Good try babe, but you'll have to drag me kicking and screaming from my very comfy couch."

But Josh is a Mormon, so he doesn't bet.
Also he's a good husband so he pretends I'm still fun even though I'm not.

I (very hesitantly) told him we had no plans, and asked what he was thinking.

**********RRRRCCCHHHHH********** (that's the sound of a tape rewinding....how do you spell that sound?)

Just kidding, that was last year when we went to the International Sheepdog Festival - which was fun. But certainly not an annual event. 

This year we really did have plans (hey! check that out, I'm fun again!) to go for a hike up Adams canyon with the Medinas. 

And then we made plans to celebrate Meleta's 50th birthday with a surprise lunch party.

And then we made plans for Josh to give somebody a massage in the morning before the lunch party. 

And since the rest of the day was sortof busy anyway, I made plans to go running like normal in the morning. 

And since I was going running, Josh checked on work.

Which is why he worked for 3.5 hours before coming back to get us at 10. 

Which is why after the massage, the birthday lunch, and one more hour of work he was so tired. 

Which is why we didn't hike. 

Instead we opted for a short bike ride and homemade ice cream with the Medinas and Jensens. And since we were already sitting in the same room, we thought we may as well play a few games. 

No sheep. No dogs. No sheepdogs. No sunburns.

What a lovely Labor Day. 

While we waited for the birthday girl to get to the lunch party, Tommy helped blow up balloons.

Josh was in the charge of the cake. 

Which made its mark.

And we came home and got ready to go on the bike ride with the Medinas which was (as always) lovely.

Maybe Josh is a crazy driver. 

But it's all good. We're still happy.

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